Friday, September 26, 2008

House Wine is Fine but We All Need a Home

Coming home after a hard day and enjoying a glass of wine is one of my favorite simple pleasures. Any wine will do, I often enjoy Magnificent Wine Company House Red an excellent everyday wine that both excites the palette and sooths the soul, but it is the act of enjoying home that makes that end of the day glass so appealing.

For many Americans today however, this simple pleasure has become a true luxury. With prices rising, along with unemployment it is no wonder that foreclosures are also on the rise. It is no secret that the economy is in shambles. Even this idiot President has finally seemed to have caught on. And while the power brokers in Washington debate how to handle a bailout bill, average citizens are losing their homes. Worse still, those without out homes, trying to live with some dignity are being forced from their personal sanctuary.

We can't sit back anymore and watch as the rich get richer, the leaders bicker and the rest of us get screwed. We need to get back to doing what Americans have always done when times were tough. Roll up the sleeves and pitch-in with your neighbor. We don't need to give $700 billion in Wallstreet hand-outs, we just need to give those in need a hand-up...
All of US.

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