Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thinking Wine - I'm A Smoking Loon

Raising my glass to take in the sweet scents of floral and nutmeg I paused before allowing the straw colored juice to touch my lips. Then just as I began, I reverse. I set my glass down as I examine headlines...
'Idol' voting controversy
A corporate sponsor confirms that its employees helped Kris Allen fans send "power texts."

$100,000 for birthday party
Celebs like Tom and Katie go to extremes for their kids' bashes.

Genetically engineered monkeys pass green glow to offspring

...Its good to have important things to ponder I thought, as I again raised my glass. This time I hardly considered the nose as the wine approached my lips. I take a generous sip. My attention is fixed on the news rather than my drink. Of course, I could likely guess the description of the wine prior to tasting. Smoking Loon Chardonnay has a way of remaining consistently pleasant from vintage to vintage. Another thoughtless sip pass as I browse more of the important news of the day.

Now fully inspired by the world around me I take a moment to ponder. Complex flavors of green apple and pear with hints of oak which lend a butteriness with touches of vanilla. One more healthy sip, held briefly on the palette confirms my assumption. I continue to ponder; what was I thinking last year.

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