Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After a Fine Wine I'm Still Tortured by Torture

I've always enjoyed Hedges Three Vineyards wine. This blend consistently perks me up at the end of the day. The wine has an intriguing nose of blackberry, plum and cherry with hints of cantaloupe in the background backed up by a chorus of toasty oak spice. Medium-bodied with velvety tannins and balanced acidity, the wine delivers the complexity of its bouquet on the palate. For the value, it has yet to disappoint or let down a meal. So, before diving in, to explore our latest hearing on torture, I thought I'd pour myself a glass of Hedges Three Vineyards wine to keep me company.

It wasn't long before I was disappointed. Not by the wine, but what I was reading. Rather than bang my head against a wall of partisan redoric, wallowing in the guilt of our nations moral failures and longing for good old fashion American ideals, I decided I should enjoy what their is to enjoy. (What has happened to the America I know?) I decided to turn my focus to the open bottle of wine.

Immediately closing my laptop, I grabbed the phone as I walked toward my fridge. As I dialed a friend as I opened the refrigerator's door. "Come on over and enjoy some dinner." I replied as my friend attempted a simple hello.

Without missing a beat he asked, "What are you offering?"

After a long stare at the nearly empty frig I answered, "Pizza. Pizza and wine."

I heard him say something about being on his way as I hung up the phone. It didn't matter, I knew his answer and I needed to make another call. Taking another sip, I let the velvety fruit flavor linger in my mouth slide before I spoke. "I need a large for delivery..."

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