Monday, May 11, 2009

A Bottle of Wine and No Whine

Home now, I am tired. To fatigued to search for a glass, I drink wine directly from the bottle. It feels good. With every sip I let go. Relaxing ever deeper from thoughts of work, lose or pain. I melt into the couch as my mind drifts to a distant shore.

Stuck somewhere between steady employment and permeate vacation, life is surreal. Freedom leads to fun which gives way to fear only to be tempered by increasing funds which ultimately limits freedom. So we chase our tail back to the beginning only to find ourselves at the end.

Another sip and I place the empty bottle near my feet. I am struck by an image that is crawling out from the recesses of my memory. Once, only an interesting composition, the painting suddenly speaks to me. I am in the image walking along this new shore.

I close my eyes to explore the possibilities. As I drift off I hear myself whisper, "Happy birthday Salvador, happy birthday."

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