Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thanks For the Poppies

As the speed of activity from the summer begins to slow into the fall, I find myself looking around my world. What am I committed to, what to I care about, how am I connected? So much of what we do in this society is done for the "me" in all of us. Seldom do we address the "we" unless it is an indirect benefit of taking care of the "me" first. Slumping deep into my chair, I meditated on that thought as I took a gulp of wine.

Peter Michael "Les Pavots" 2006 is an amazing blend I was luck to receive as a gift. Almost black with a deep red edge. A profound bouquet of black cherry, licorice, black currant, blueberry pie and blackberry, combined with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, black tea.  The nose is almost overwhelmed.  Subtle spice notes of cloves cinnamon first great the tongue. Very full-bodied-concentrated yet graceful. The same rich, ripe fruit impressions from the nose dance on the palate with spice black truffle. The massive mouth feel is round with silky tannins with hints of mocha leading to a very long finish.

As a blend it is a beautiful balance of what each grape can bring to the glass. Some more than others bring on the deep color, others the wonderful nose, each adds to the harmonics of the palate. Alone no grape can make this wine. Each grape asserts characteristics from a micro climate it came from, bring the best of what it could produce with the conditions of the 2006 growing season.  Now together, this blend of grapes brings great pleasure to me as I struggle with my thoughts on disconnectedness.

Turning to my computer, I wondered what could be possible if we worked to create balance though connectedness. Imagine how delicious that world could be.

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