Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Package

After another long fruitless day of searching for a job, I like many Americans sought relief. A knock at the door jarred me from the web and pulled me back to reality. Stepping away from my computer I went to answer the door. An old friend had come to visit and to make sure I still found joy in life. We sat down for a nice long talk...

I realized that through all the tough times and disappointment I can count on the joy of good friends. Life can feel hard but as long as we have friends it is worth pushing onward. As my pal departed he left behind a few choice bottles of wine. "I hope they help to inspire you in the future." he said as he turned to leave. Looking over the package of bottles I knew this delicious assortment of juice would fit the bill when the time was right.

Good Friends, good friends,...what more is their to say but THANKS.

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