Sunday, May 08, 2011

time for a fresh bottle, it begins again

I thought I was done writing this experience, I thought it was time to move on to the next chapter of my life. I can feel a great transition taking place so I've been ingorinng my muse in favor of actions, or at least that's the excuse I use to not share my writings.  when I opened of bottle of old standby and settle in for a little SNL I should have known I was summing old habits into action. however it took tina fey to begin my fingers typing.

my first thought was why tina are you doing the sara palin, she is such a non-story. why bother to resurrect a dead character, you are pregnant for god sake. that's when I remember, tina is a great comedic writer, she knows that character is a zombie.  it must be the network must be begging for it.  in need of a buck (she'll soon have another mouth to feed), ms. fey once more rolled out the "alaskan milf" for our entertainment.

it was how she played it though that inspired my thinking. forced into action, it doesn't matter the circumstances or the timing, evey moment can lead to a teachable moment. In this case, wake-up people, sara palin will not go away on her own.   just stop listening to her and eventually the voice will fade.   others might continue, or so it may seem but trust me, you control your own fate and when you stop listening the voice eventually will fade.   an old girlfriend taught me that lesson, and happily I don't hear that voice anymore.

and so, with another sip I'm back to posting.   things might change around me but I'll still be left with teachable moments to share.   if you tire of hearing it, let the my voice fade, just make sure in my stead you get out and do something positive with your life.   I'm excited by the future once more

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