Friday, May 11, 2012

Morgante Nero d'Avola Take Me Away

the sun is shining again, warm rays have us all stretching skyward.  it's a good time to grow...
the moon, she is in the sky today also, waning.  I watch as she sets behind a grove of trees on the horizon.  I want to join her there, in the woods among the peacefulness of nature.  instead I feel stuck in the city.  less inspired, less connected, surrounded by people scurrying in all directions.  they seem to have places to be, I on the other hand am left feeling alone.  I am where I'm supposed to be, though I don't feel like I want to be here.  life in the city rolls on.

I need sun on my skin to help me grow.  for to long I've been sitting inside, fingers on the keyboard, mouse in hand searching for truth in the depth of a computer screen. isolated from the outside world the connectedness of the digital world is not real.  touch, taste, smell, have eluded me, I live stuck inside my head.  yet I continue to write, documenting my disdain for the domesticated life.  like a collared dog, I feel fenced in.  frustrated I open a bottle of wine and suddenly my sense are alive.

Spicy dark fruit fills my nose, I feel a slightest tingle as the alcohol passes my lips revealing a surprisingly welcome flavor of leather and licorice.  this a full-body wine who's complexity lingers as each sip passes into memory.  leaving my desk behind I walk out the door, this time taking a swig straight from the bottle.  Replacing the cork I am off.  this pleasant bottle of wine can wait.  I've just freed my mind, it is time for a walk in the light of the mid-day sun.  toward the direction of the long passed moon I travel.  somewhere in the distance nature's knowledge awaits, so I walk on.  I intent to get lost today...

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