Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Get Out of My Home If You Don't Cut That Hair

it's getting out of control, the house is a mess, grandma, remember to call grandma, have you done your taxes, bills, ticket, groceries, beer I need a beer... what have I become?
slow the brain down and think, one thing at a time... I need a haircut.
really I need a stylist. my hair is long again and I like it, but it's outta control.

I need someone in my life again who can feel the vibe, keep me in check when I start getting to liberal in life. somebody to remind me about the balance one needs to maintain between this world and the world we live in. in one of them, they call me a dreamer. I just can't remember which because for me the worlds are beginning to blend together. it all seems to be going by so fast. maybe because I'm just running right now, running after a dream. But is it a dream or is it real, because I can taste it. taste it in the air, taste it in the soil. I can feel it on my face, breath it threw my skin, it is all around me, it is so real that I have no choice but to chase after it; so I run.

I'm so excited, so much to do, so many details to consider, plans to put into motions, games to be played. I get lost in the laughter, alone in the fields... in that moment I awake to reality, their's not even grapes on the vine yet, the season is yet to play out.  patience, allow time to let the dream unfold. quit running so hard, it's all in your head, take care of yourself, start with a haircut; I decision I'm not prepared to make that's why I'm asking for a stylist, which takes me back to what have I become?

...I need to stop running through life, I need to start appreciating my time once more. less beer more wine, it's time to remember to drink in the good things in life and enjoy

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