Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For Pete's Sake - Would U Get After It

you can't force what you are going to write, you kinda just have to go with it. the idea is to let it flow.  meaning is all there in the text if you let it out. edit later but it's best when you just let it go. the first answer is the best answer when you are making an educated guess.

once you find that rhythm and you are willing to let it flow out then you can begin to tinker with it. I always imagine how it sounds,...if it were music. what is the voice, the swagger of the speaker and why do we want to listen to it. next I like to see how it looks, is it short enough or am I rambling. sometimes you gotta ramble cuz people just don't get it. when you hit all those things right, something that sounds good, something that pleases the eye and that same something also manages to have a depth to it, a something that will draw me back, that is something ...something to pay attention to.

around things like that, usually there is magic.

sometimes it just isn't the time to write, you can't force that either. you can try. squeeze tight enough and surely we can force a little more toothpaste from this dry tube. at least that's my guess, however uneducated it may sound.

And then their are deadlines.  left with a dry tube and no magic I turn to a bottle of (add wine you'd like to hawk [here]) tasty juice (cut and paste tasting notes).  after a sip or two a good one makes me crave a second glass. templates thus are key.  they works and help you to live to write another day. a story is nothing to stress about it's just words, to me living it is what writing is all about.  So be it ink or wine, just let it flow, let go and get after it 

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