Thursday, January 24, 2013

Drink It Down, Let's Sleep

"it's not a secret but i'll tell you anyway.  i prefer to sleep at the girls house rather then take her to my bedroom."  these are the words that come from my mouth as i pour more wine in her glass.  the noise of the juice escaping the bottle comes as a sshhhhhh.  news of my secret grabs this guest attention.

having already finished one bottle, we start consuming another.  she had suggested we take this bottle to the bedroom.  filling her glass i describe why this wine will be best enjoyed here, in the front room near the heater.  I'm a transient, at times I appear homeless. truth is i like to stay on the move.  it is hard for me to settle down.  content now, time huddled by a warm heater feels right.  

the most comfortable bed i sleep in these days is a room at my parents house, yet i continue to sleep all over.  the farm, the safe house, the cabin at pirate's cove, the spot in the city, the boat, a tent, in my puffy coat under the stars.  I'm no bum but i've even been known to sleep in my car.  all these beds i rarely share.  yes, it's been known to happen, not tonight.  although it is tempting, she is beautiful

we finish the second bottle.  cherry and current flavors mingle with a strawberry finish, like a kiss.  a sweet end to the evening.  getting her settled by the heater, I build a nest of blankets and pillows.  stroking her back, lights out, she drifts to sleep.  I retire to my bed.  my little secret continues, i sleep alone

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