Thursday, July 14, 2011

Take a Hike Facebook, I'm Busy Soaking

hidden in the cascade mountains, I like to relax during the regular work week.  stuff can get done on the weekend or during dark hours while others sleep.  however, the solitude and serenity of a natural hot-spring is best enjoyed while the masses are at the office.  I don't know if anything is more liberating than a naked soak shared with a special friend or two.  maybe a tasty bottle of wine would make things better.  still, time spent in the natural world always makes the world better.

it didn't surprise me then, when an article surfaced that the founder of facebook likes to take people on a hike.  experiencing the natural world is important, even for the famous among us.  believe it or not, we are part of nature.  yet, daily we are told otherwise.  we seemingly struggle to avoid that reality, preferring to create a sterile environment full of digital numbers, virtual experiences and manufactured goods.  for some reason, people find comfort in a disconnection life.  at least they think they do.

take a person out of the office, help them experience the natural world on terms they can handle, I promise you they'll soon ask for more.  attachment, rather then detachment is something we all seek.  (if facebook has proven anything, it is the human desire to attach to something)  most are so detached they don't have the tools to re-engage.  and many that have tried to reconnect don't know how to leave the stress of the city behind, missing out on the full bliss of the natural mind.  the curse of our communal detachment effects us on every level.  from the food we choose to consume to the morals that guide our business; detachment, apathy and the like have sucked the humanity out of the human race.

rather then pondering my rant more deeply, or commenting in an effort to create debate, why not seek out a patch of grass, no matter how small...  take off your shoes....  walk around and feel the earth between your toes.  if you are still moved to share your thoughts please do, but first why not seek out a bit more nature and leave behind your watch,... your cell or even your shirt. write down what you feel like telling me.  however, before you mail it off, or try to push the send button, go a little deeper with a little less holding you back.  besides, I'd prefer face to face communication...  when you are comfortable just come find me at the hot-springs.  I'd really love to hear what you have to say.

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Phil said...

Hmmm....naked hot springs soaking. In college, there was always naked Thursdays, but I'm pretty sure they were not in the same vain. Ok, so there was always the joke of naked Thursdays, though I don't remember that ever happening. The thought of unbridled connection with nature in that setting is interesting and appealing - though this area is WAY too cold for anything like that. :)