Tuesday, September 08, 2015

in to the void - no wine

headphones on, the rest of the world is tuned out. We write
i am a creator.  by telling more story I take charge of my world.  Un-empowered, I don't always enjoy the story others write for me.  then again, I don't always enjoy the story I write for myself but at least on know that story comes from truth.  my story has the best interests in mind for those around me.

My story, sometimes painful, full of lost and missed opportunities, is a story of love.  A story of real life, a story of a quest for love and freedom.  You might say the story you hear me tell is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a story of the American Dream.  I would say that dream is a lie.

Others will have you believe in the story of an American dream.  I will tell you that a story not worth listening to.  I would have you listen to the story of your creator, of your unalienable rights to living, loving and perusing those precious moments that connect you to the planet and the world around you.  The moments that take you to a deeper understanding of what it is to be a good human; full of love, understanding, grace and the awe of beauty created for us.  All of it, a shared imagined world for our enjoyment.

Out of the flow, I forget these truths.  I hear the story being told by small minded people.  I fear what has become of us when this is the story we choose to share.  It is dangerous to slave at work chasing an impossible dream.  Give yourself permission to live in a world of your creating.

I write my story down, behind the protection of head phones so I can focus on the power of the music as I conjure up my story.  I'm tell it, I'm finally back to writing. my inspiring story of life, or so they tell me.  I've taken Liberty they say, to follow the beat of a different drummer.  And from my failures to my successes it has always be for the pursuit of happiness readers of my story will note.  They'll tell you it is the american dream, that I've taken advantage of my birth right.

It's just my story that I'm hear to tell you.  Not a dream, nor a reality but rather my story.  Free for you to believe, dream, share or disregard.  It is my story.  Of it, I am the creator.  Know that it is meant to entertain and connect us because in my story I am here to empower you and from my experience the best way to keep your attention while I empower you is to entertain.   so welcome to my story, I hope you enjoy...

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