Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Drink It

This year when I finally snapped out of the holiday emotional purgatory I was holding a bottle of Columbia winery Syrah 2003 in my right and a bottle of Lindemans Bin 99 Pinot Noir 2006 in my left. Can you believe I was debating which wine to drink?

The funny thing about the moment was the selection of wines that I had passed, I've never felt like such a wine snob. Other than the bottle I brought, A-Mano Primitivo 2003, the wines left on the table were an interesting selection of personality but definitely lacking quality. I learned long ago, you can’t judge a book only by its cover. Figuring it would be poor form to drink the entire bottle of wine that I brought I turned to the two bottles previously mentioned, as the only options suitable for my consumption.

Lindemans, a fine Australian import that for the price, can suits ones needs. And let me just say it is a “very affordable” wine. I’m sure the gifter was pleased to find a Pinot Noir at such a low price. Pinot’s popularity and thus the rise in price seems to continue thanks to a certain movie. (It’s funny to see what advice people will follow blindly.) I was confident the Lindemans Bin 99 Pinot Noir 2006 would be fine.

In the other hand was a Washington Syrah, one of the best grapes grown in Washington state. Though I’d argue that Columbia winery makes a better Cabernet than Syrah, the Columbia winery Syrah 2003 is perfect for a holiday party. (I know the gifter of this wine would agree, since I saw her stash the bottle for herself once it got down to the last glass.)

I looked about the room and laughed at myself, who cares which wine I choose. Surely I’ll be back to try the other. In fact, I sampled quite few wines on that table. When it comes to the holidays there is plenty of time to find joy. I just need to relax and stop worrying about finding the perfect thing. Instead, I just enjoyed what life threw my way. Turns out, any wine can be a great wine, when you allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

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