Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Firesteed Pinot Noir – Believe the Pinot Hype?

I’m sure millions of Americans are geared up and ready for this weekends hotly anticipated release of Sony Picture’s RV the movie. While Sony is hyping this as a family classic, RV makers are hoping for a “Sideways” like impact. No, not a crash, though my guess is that anyone brave enough to sit through this movie will be praying for one to end the overdone, under funny family rode tripp’n high jinx adventure. Rather, what RV makers are hoping for is that Robin William, Jeff Daniels, Kristin Chenoweth, et all, will make RV vacation’s look and sound as funny as Pinot Noir looked after the movie Sideways. (Ah yes, the rant begins)

Before Miles, the wine hero of Sideways, ever proclaimed the importance of Pinot Noir the top selling wine in the US was Merlot, but oh how a movie can change the collective consciousness of Americans. Following the release of Sideways, everyone was eager to show off their price of admissions wine snoppery degree, turn up their nose at Merlot, and exclaim their long held irreverence for the amazing Pinot grape. (Especially anything grown in Sonoma, California) However, the truth was few had any interest in Pinot Noir prior to seeing the movie. Equally true, arguing the value of Pinot Noir over Merlot is a waste of time. If you like one you can appreciate the other. The only real question is do you enjoy the wine you have and did the person who made it know what they were doing. Any variety of wine can be great, but the important debate is can the wine get the job done.

If the job is pairing a wine with RV the movie in hopes to make that film palatable, I’d suggest copious amounts of Firesteed Pinot Noir. The people at the Firesteed winery in Oregon know what they are going. (Long before the current rush on Cali Pinots, Oregon was winning international awards) The winemakers at Firesteed have been creating a Pinot Noir that was so pleasing, reliable and reasonably priced that it was a sure bet for any restaurant menu. Firesteed Pinot Noir is a classic Pinot Noir with intermingled flavors of berries, vanilla and currants combined with soft tannins and a smooth finish. Though the price has gone up over the years due to the Pinot hype, the quality of the wine Firesteed produces remains constant.

Hype is generally based in some reality. Pinot Noir, RV’s and even Robin Williams all have valid reasons to be hyped. Yet, just as they all have a good side, each has its bad. Safe bets are Firesteed Pinot Noir, Airstreams and Good Will Hunting or Good Morning Vietnam. (note to self: only see Robin Williams movies with “good” in the title). Of course this is only my opinion, so feel free to believe the hype at your on risk. If you do take my advice, please let me know how the movie and the pinot paired, because you might find I’ll want something stiffer when I eventually watch RV the movie on DVD.

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Franzy said...

Just tried my first Firesteed Pinot from Whole Foods and for the price, it was wonderful. Pretty smooth with soft tannins. Great with my rib eye steak.