Friday, July 06, 2007

Scrapona - Cool off Birthday Wine

Cheers to our current (acting) President. On behalf of your boss, this great Nation, a.k.a. We The People… Please Bush Jr. take the day off and celebrate, it is your birthday.
We all took the day off to celebrate the birth of the nation, July 4th. But then again so did you. In fact if my eyes don’t deceive me you also took the next day off to enjoy a ballgame. But what the hell, since you’re doing such a “heck of a job”, you might as well just make the 4th a five day weekend. Besides as you’ve said “It’s hard being President”. In fact in this Post 911 world everything has changed and only you would know how hard it truly is being the President. The stress shows. No other President has taken as many days off as you Mr. Bush. But then again no other President has had to deal with so much terror; The fears of immigration, healthcare, global warming, hurricane Katrina, the axis of evil, the war in Iraq, the war on Terror, Ossoma, Oboma and Chelse Clinton’s momma.
Nope, the “Big Birthday Boy” should take it easy for his Birthday and enjoy a nice glass of Marenco Moscato d'Asti "Scrapona" 2006, an excellent beverage to sip when things are getting hot. (My friends that “do coke think Scrapona is a great wine)

Feel free to take another day off on us Mr. President. As you continue to send our boys to die in your illegitimate war you might as well take time off to clear your conscious.

I fact why not just make it permanent and step down now before we are forced to make the decision for you. You told us, “You’re the Decider”, so please decide to get your failing self out so we can clean up your mess. Cheers to you Jackass!!!

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