Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Mistake - Perrin Vinsobres is Good

What do you do? You can try as you might, but as soon as you make a mistake it is yours to live with. The worst mistake however is when you aren’t sure what your mistake was in the first place. But not understanding the mistakes you make is a mistake too. In reality you are always the one to blame.

When I think about it my mistake can be traced back to that first glass of Perrin Vinsobres 2004. With a palette that combines power with elegance and a then adds in a velvety, fleshy texture. It is no wonder that when people experience the mature finish they fall in love with the wine. Such was the case that got me in trouble.

Minding my own business I should have know better than drink a bottle of Perrin Vinsobres in public. Yet I did, and like the prefect pollen, that bottle of French wine attracted the bees. Too bad I didn’t want any honey.

So what do you do?… Me, While I wait for answers I have one more glass of wine.
Waiting is the hardest part.

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