Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Open Letter to Dawgs - Still Reason for Cheers

All season long we'll be pouring wine, drink beers, and clinking glass cause no matter what it's Husky football season.  But after what I saw at the last home game, I just can't stay quiet...

New Rules For Husky Nation.

It's a bye week so, I took sometime to reflect on last weeks game.  Sark says not to dwell on the past, and that's good advice for the team, they've moved on.  But as a nation, I don't think we've taking the time to think about the mistakes we made last week.  I know as a fan I did.  You might say, "who me?", I wasn't out on the field. But remember as fans they can feel us, feed on our energy, fight to the end and walk-off knowing I scraped for every extra inch today because I know those people were entertained.  Remember that feeling we all had last year, walk out of that stadium after beating SC.  Remember that feeling on the field.  (note: to me that is sacred ground, and you don't go down there unless invited) But, the feeling after that game was electric.  You don't think the players felt that?  True Dawg fans make a difference.  So, I'm calling out fans by laying down some new rules to live by until the next home game.  Simple rules:

Have I thanked a Dawg? Who gets a game ball? rule one: Thank a Dawg.
Have you made your apologize?  I did, my aunt and uncle were in from out of town and I had to apologize for getting my brother kick-out of the stadium.  They are from the SEC and thought it was funny that we got kick-out of Husky stadium for cheering to loud.  ("Legendary Husky Stadium" my uncle jokes, "home of the wave.")  Sometimes you want to punch them, but when you've been out "played", you tip your hat and make apologize if you have to.  After being beat at home I say we have to. rule two: Man Up.
Have you reviewed the tape? Are you ready to be apart of next weeks game? rule three: Do Your Homework.
Have I done my part? This is simple are you part of husky nation or not or do I really know what that means?  rule four: Step Your Game Up.

These are the rules Dawg fans, be ready for ASU.

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