Tuesday, November 27, 2007

President's Blend - A Big Deal

91 points from the Enthusiast and normally twenty bucks a bottle but if you know where to look you can save over FIVE bucks a bottle. Some say that's a crazy cyber deal, but I believe it just another seasons greeting from our friends from Madwine. (I warned that the annual wine deals were near.) Here is an example of a malbec wine you can't afford to miss but you surely can afford to try, enjoy the sale. For now, I have nothing more to write, I'm too busy seeking they other hidden deals...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving - Have Another Helping

Before the bright lights, consumerism and greed of the Christmas season hits there is one last day to reflect and give thanks to giving. Tomorrow is the official kickoff of the Holiday season with gotta have gifts and door busting sales. (My favorite wine website always has a crazy week long sale with some super deals.) For then until the new year the country is consumed by consumption. But today is all about consuming,... food, great food.

But behind the stuffing, the gravy, the wine and the bird there is a lesson to remember. The Pilgrims probably would have starve if not for the generosity of the Native Americas. And so, we celebrate that tremendous kindness of giving by eating beyond our belt size. A full day of laying around with nothing more important to do than eat, sleep and eat some more. A great idea for a holiday.

It's just to bad that the spirit of Thanksgiving will soon be drowned out by carolers and jingle bells. If only we could extent the spirit of "giving to the point of gluttony" into a year round thing, but alas it only happens once a year. Cherish this day, pass the potatoes and have another glass of wine. You can't give enough so take in as much as you can. And once it all gone remember, you can get more because it all goes on sale tomorrow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Red Guitar Wine - Feul for a Wanna be Hero

I awoke this morning feeling like a rock star. As I came out of such a deep slumber that I wasn't sure what city I was in, I took inventory of my state of being only to realize my head was ringing from a night of rocking. Its been awhile since I had the time to write for this blog but such is the life of a wanna be rock star. Well, maybe more truly stated, one might call me a wanna be wanna be rock star. For those out of the loop, allow me to explain...

The hottest game on the market now is the third addition of the ever popular "Guitar Hero". I of course am not immune to the power of seduction and Guitar Hero is perhaps as close as I can get to rock star fame. (An embarrassing addiction I know, but aren't all addiction embarrassing?) And of course their are always those that hope to capitalize on addiction. In this case by hosting a Guitar Hero Competition.

So I'm forced to dutifully prepare for my chance to publicly rock virtually. To fuel myself during my long and often stupefying practice jam sessions I turn to Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha 2005. Deep purple in color like my style, hints of spicy vanilla aroma like my aura and tastes of medium-bodied and rustic tannins like my flare. This wine's full fruit flavors are well extracted and jammy and the finish is warm and dry. The perfect wine to get my courage pumped and my mind limber. After a bottle or two (like any rock star) I'm ready to rock.

With my digital ax in hand and an empty bottle of Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha 2005 at my feet I'll be ready to take on all comers. After the show well see who drives home the hero.