Saturday, May 25, 2013

Turn out the Lights & Light a Candle

you gotta get the candles just perfect if you're trying to set the mood.  light, is a powerful thing in our world.  it's one of the little things that we forget, light.  right there in front of our face, we take it for granted and fail to understand how it effects our day.

i try to remind myself of these things, the little details, things illuminated by the light.  i take a walk in the sun.  i put on music, light candles and meditate.  i build a bonfire and watch life gather.  light, once lit, every time renews the promise of something new to see.  if you know how to see details.

often hidden, you find them if you look in dark places.  places you tend to overlook because life moves so fast.  we take some much for granted. walking the well worn paths of life, who really needs light.  turn 'em off, I can sleepwalk this shit.  And many do.  "we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.  the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."  we need to open out eyes, be aware

it takes a balance.  bathed in too much light it all washes out.  shadow can give contrast, definintion, a quieter space for contemplating all that is going on in the light.  dark, shadow, light, all convey a different mood in the same space.  thus i return to candles.  get them just perfect, they illuminate me to new thinking.  smiling, i enjoy the light.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I bet My Parents could kickthereass - Strongest Couple

Trophies aside "The Strongest Couple You'll Ever Meet" is a bold statement.  say something like that and you better understand the words you are invoking or in this world of hype that we've created has everything lost meaning.

I intend to live a long time, like wine I'd argue i've been getting better with age.  but you should ask around, I've made a lot of friends over the years.  And i'll make many more.  those that know me would likely agree, i'm finally gaining wisdom.  with that base of friends (and growing) one would think that following the laws of six degrees I could meet quite a few strong couples over the years.  especially if i put my mind to it.  so Ever is a pretty out there statement, don't you think.

Strongest is really gets to me too.  on who's terms.  the Olympic games were created to get to the bottom of that, and look amount of events it takes to quantify strongest.  In my opinion the decathlon is the best event but that's beside the point.  the point is strength can be measured in so many ways.

I look at heart. thus the meaning of Couple is an important word when we consider heart.  cuz who can think of heart and not consider love.  Love of what your doing, love of who you're with, Love, who's got heart.

I believe in the strength of this couple.  to help each other create such celebrated bodies demonstrates a commitment to a partner.  furthermore, I can only imagine the feats of strength that may go on in the bed room.  however, the flesh, the body, this is such a trivial way to measure a coupling.  endurance, an ability to adapt while remaining together, a willingness to push past the inevitable obstacles of life, commitment to a bond,  this is the strength i look for in a strong coupling.  I'm just saying "strongest" coupled with "ever" is over hyped with little true meaning.   

People let's put meaning back into our lives.