Monday, June 22, 2009

Breath It In - That's a Goode Wine

Sitting with this beautiful blond, I realize just can't get enough of her. Constantly drinking her in threw my nose I am overwhelmed. A kiss from her honeysuckle fragrance gives me pause. A close my eyes to meditate on her; all that she is and all that she will be once I allow her to meet my lips.

Opening my eyes now I stare at her in the glass. The juice of the Murphy Goode Sauvignon Blanc 2008 displays a bright blond color, but it is her alluring aroma that holds my attention. With another deep inhale a crooked smile crosses my face. The pleasant taste imparted in my nose just might be enough. Too often we rush to the palate before we learn to appreciate the sensations on the nose. Like only experiencing half the love, the pleasure of the juice on the lips is nothing without the first enjoying the tantalizing bouquet that fills the nose.

Still, I could only tease my senses any longer. Prior to allowing the wine to pass my lips, I take one last long breath in. From the sweet scents of honeysuckle, my senses are quickly overcome by bursts of citrus and tropical fruit. The glorious blend of texture, bright notes of grapefruit and hints of tangerine fill my mouth. The moniker of Goode fits this wine well. Allowing the flavor to linger in the back of my throat I imbibe the nose once more. I'm in no hurry, my time with this beautiful blond will be savored.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Milbrandt Sauvignon Blanc - That's Workable

A cool breeze rustles the leaves as the trees sway along the bank of the canal. It’s a weekday so most of the water-craft traffic is of a working nature. Still, a few of the passing boats appear to be out for a pleasure cruise. A tour ship passes full of out-of-towners, their eyes fixed on the passing scenery. I stare back. I'm content here in the park, not trapped aboard a floating tour. I grab my glass of wine and take a sip. (I know I shouldn't be drinking in a public place but sometimes it feels good to break the rules.)

Today is a lazy work, at least for me. Rather than slaving behind the computer I'm working on a bottle of Milbrandt Sauvignon Blanc 2007. A Washington Sauvignon Blanc, this wine leans more towards fresh fruit rather than the herbal flavors found in some renditions. The nose delivers melons, apples, mangos, oranges and kiwis. On the palate the wine is clean, bright, fresh, lively and crisp. On a warm day like today there are few beverages more refreshing than a cool glass of young Sauvignon Blanc.

A couple friends arrive by bike to help finish the bottle. We have a ride planned, but for now we will enjoy the waning moments of the workday.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Give 'em the Bird - It's Summer

Gaming has always been a cherished pastime of mine. A passion with roots that run deep in my blood. So whenever the opportunity arises to place a bet, I often do. A friendly wager just makes things more interesting… sometimes very interesting.

I admit to not know much about horse racing or even horses. In fact, when it comes to equine most of my knowledge is based on Wild Horse wines. My current favorite being Wild Horse Verdelho 2008. One of the vineyards estate-grown bottling, this wine pairs beautifully with light summer dishes, hot summer weather and good friends. A refreshing summer wine displaying bright pear and ruby red grapefruit tones. Perfect for a Belmont stakes BBQ. I got very familiar with Wild Horse Verdelho during the pre-race festivities, some might say a little to well.

So with a lack of knowledge and a slight wine buzz, my limber mind and I decided to make the race more exciting by placing a small wager. Digging in the recesses of my mind I recalled a horse named bird was favored to win. And on such a warm day it was clear to me that the bird was the word, especial since the name was Summer Bird, or so I thought...

Friends, eager to take advantage of my apparent weakness jumped at the chance to get a piece of my half cocked wager. Soon the Verdelho fueled confidence took over, easing me into bets beyond my normal comfort level. (At this point I was still unaware of my misinformed choice of horse.) As the gates opened a large roar erupted among our modest group. As the horse began to sort out their positions, a cute blond leaned in to complement me on my bold bet. From her I soon learned that another horse named bird was actually the favorite and she thought I was crazy to bet against him. I could feel my drunken jaw drop open. This could be an expensive afternoon I thought, good thing I'm enjoying the wine. Not sure if she caught the expression on my face I decided it best to covered my tracks anyway. I turned to her, smiling as if perched in the cat-bird-seat, I laid a big wet kiss on her lips. Pulling back I exclaimed, "That's just me, bold."

The race was now in the final stretch. We locked eyes, I smirked and she smiled. The crowd around us went nuts as the unthinkable unfolded, Summer Bird took the Belmont. She leaned in to kiss me and I realized who the big winner was today.