Thursday, August 03, 2006

If A Friend Must Die, Enjoy Good Wine - Penfolds

The current box-office hit teen comedy is John Tucker Must Die. But for me, see this movie would be a waste of 8 bucks on a Thursday afternoon. I’ll see this drama play out this weekend.

Sometimes in life of friend of your will get themselves in over their head, trying to bite off more than they can chew. And when it is women his it trying to chew on, it always come bite him back, usually in a public place. In my case, my friends undoing will be at party. So as a good friend I need to ask myself, how should I haddle this situation. In short, what type of wine should I bring to the party.

A box of Franzia could help move the festivities along nicely. The Chardonnay is an excellent, dry California white wine with apple and pear flavor. When pour from the box this semi-dry and medium bodied wine exudes a crisp and clean wine finish, all the while packing a sweet little punch. Chairs should be flying in my friends direction in no time. For most this is a safe route.

However, my taste is a bit more refined. I’d rather linger in the romance of a moment that a great wine can help create. That’s why I’ll be sipping on Penfolds RWT Shiraz. This wine is not for use by children. Mouthfilling and expansive, yet at the same time contained and tightly structured. Penfolds RWT Shiraz is bigger and richer than the cues afforded by the nose, and undeniably assertive and defined. This generously flavored wine opens with dark berry fruit, with a touch of spice followed by ripe and rich tannins. Layered, long and luscious with excellent aging potential, Penfolds RWT Shiraz is a wine to be enjoyed.

And enjoying this weekend promises to be. While teens flock to movies in hopes of catching a hilarious drama unfold on the big screen (better bring the Franzia box), with popcorn in hand. I’ll be watching the real thing play out with a new good friend by my side.