Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aint No Slave - Give me the Juice

I am not a slave.  so asked the question I do not remember the days of slavery.  I do think about them though, wondering what it felt like.  to not be free, no man should have to endure such mental bondage.  and yet I am no free man.  none of are.

their are days I feel owned economically.  at times it is the government that it feels controls me.  other moments it time I feel indentured to my family.  these pains can grip us, stealing away our confidence and tying us to other demons for support we can willingly become slaves.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do What I Do - Drink Wine

who gives a fuck, you pick the bottle...

what can I say, does it matter, it is what I do. just words, my thoughts.  the truth comes with the action. choose how you experience me but how can you... you don't know me.  you know just my words.

I let you in my head though and this is what you see... you hear my thoughts, you read them, they arrive as a post; it doesn't matter what they are it matters how you experience them.  I have no control of that, I only hope to communicate what resides inside me.  seeing some of the shit that comes out of me though, I worry.  It doesn't matter though, it is what I do  

I say the dumbest shit, but who doesn't like attention.  sometimes though, it all goes the wrong way, you miss communicate and shit not only comes back, it's dropped on you.  covered in it now, it is hard to communicate cause you appear full of it.  all you can to is clean yourself off and figure out where the shit came from, you.  living in shit is no way to live.

I haven't been drinking much wine lately.  maybe I should bath in it for awhile.  anything to wash the shit off would be nice.  I don't care, you pick the bottle.  pour it on me, baptize me in it.  enjoy it as we wash away my sins.  I'll be clean for a moment but I hope we both realize it won't last.  I'll miss communicate cause I say the dumbest shit.  sadly, it is what I do.