Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What the F@#K ?

Am I drunk? I must be. Maybe I'm reading this map wrong, right? I started with only a glass of Broken Stone Pinotage 2003, but as I read this unbelievable article I guess I must have poured another glass, or two. Either way the bottle of Broken Stone Pinotage 2003 is gone and I can't believe what I'm reading.

If this article makes sense to anyone please let me know what it means. If like me this map surprises you, ask a friend what it means. Maybe they can help explain to us what is going on, because this isn't the America I grew-up in. Now days it sounds more like the South Africa of my youth... But I must be drunk, maybe another glass of Pinotage will help make sense of this.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mad About Wine - Buy It

The housing market is in turmoil, the stock market is volatile and commodity market is sinking. And yet it seems the dollar, at least for now is holding strength. But it makes one wonder were one earth is it safe to invest. Is this the end... or the perfect time for a new beginning? I suggest people invest in jobs, that is the future of America.

For the wine lover here is a bold, full-flavored idea to drink-in:
"Online wine store has 8000 customers, 2000 wines online and can ship to 30 states. Online sales annually around $500,000 and growing. Everything is already in place to succeed."

Instead of always seeking wine on the web, why not start selling it? A heady idea for some, but these are heady time, and if all goes well in November, investing in change now will be something you can believe in.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Help Joe - Vote, then Enjoy More Wine

Gather some friends, grab a bottle of wine and give five minutes of your attention to understand what is going on...

There is no perfect candidate, or perfect party. It isn't a choice of the lesser of two evil but it a choice about the better of two options. Obama is not an anti-American muslim terrorist and McCain isn't for the average Joe. These are simple facts.

So take the time to get educated and then vote. Voting is our right and voting is the basis of our Democracy. Make sure you Vote.

Both candidates understand the importance of voting. One wants all eligible voters to vote, the other fears it. One has worked with and for the average Joe, the other thinks $250,000 is average. It only takes 5 minutes to watch... but it tells you so much about the candidates motives.

No Vote No Freedom

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheers to Joe - Your Night, Your Wine.

As the final debate of this Presidential season wore on I quickly realized these candidates were not talking to me they were talking to who they thought I am, Joe. A basic, easy to characterize, average American, a basic Joe. Well guess what fellas, and miss Hockey mom USA, we are tired of you talking down to us as basic Joe's.

We are not numb skulled Joe six-packs with little brains and even less depth. We are not just GI Joes that you can continue to sacrifice on the alter of "nation pride" without having to know who I am. We are not just Joes that own a road side dinner hoping you pull over for a cup of Joe and a slice of pie. And we are not just Joe who needs help with his small business, but it plumbing or something else.

We are Americans, so stop calling us Joe. The problems we face as a nation are not small, nor are they simple, so do not dumb down your answers so that any old "Joe" can understand them.

Any Joe would agree, given the state of the world, tonight's debate was the biggest waste of time. If you don't know by now where these candidates stand you are a simple Joe. But for all of us that do, it is time to end the talk and time for someone to start leading again because currently we are being "lead" by a guy dumber than Joe.

W is a jackass and compared to him any Joe will do.

BTY - I thought "my friends" would be the drinking game key word, who know it would be Joe.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Bottle of Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2002 Waiting on the Shelf

I have a bottle of Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2002 just waiting on the shelf. I can hardly wait to hear that cork pop and the release of the wine's powerful nose. Aromas of grapefruit, dried flowers, white peaches and hints of toast fill my head as I envision the palate, crisp and lively. As my imagination drinks in the wine I'm reminded of peaches and fresh lemon peel. The beauty of this wine will only be matched by the happiness of the moment for which I have been holding on to this bottle. The moment that "W" is out of office will be the moment to celebrate.

In the eight long years that he has been occupying the White House our country has experienced a glaring lack of leadership. On his watch our nation was attacked, cities were destroyed, infrastructure has crumbled, debt has ballooned and the economy is in crisis. And the only constant throughout has been George W Bush is slow to react.

As the Market looses again, this time over 600 points, the President continues to remain silent. Fear is gripping the nation, NIE's regarding the wars are even scarier and all we are left with only faith that an election will change things. Unfortunately that new President can't start until next year which means our nation has nearly three months to survive without leadership. God help us.

Still, this is the United States of America and I still believe in "We the People..." Together we can make our country great again, but first we need to throw out the Corporatist regime that has torn down this nation for a quick buck. Once they go I'm ready to pop my bottle of Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2002 to celebrate.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dominus - Enjoy the Freedom to Drink Lavishly

Any fan of California wine should take the time to enjoy Dominus Estate Red Wine 2004. At first blush the price might seem out of reach for most, especially given the current state of the economy. However, after the first sip you quickly realize life is to short. Having the freedom to enjoy this wine is one of many freedom we should not take for granted. I strongly urge everyone to enjoy the freedoms we have while we still have them. I fear that by the 28th of this month freedom in America will look very different.