Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time Is On My Side? Yes It Is, I'm Told

From a vision on a distant horizon to the roots of manifestation I choose to live my life.  some call it magic but I find it is my way of being.  As a life long "creative", I've devoted much of my learning to the art of bringing my ideas to life.  I see something that I desire or I dream of something I want, I can have it if I commit to it.  I came to believe that if I pour my soul into the creative process, anything is possible.  Along the journey however, there have always been pitfalls, distractions, or other temptations to seduce me from my course.  So even though anything is possible, the possibilities being boundless, it takes a powerful kind of focus for a vision to take root.  Like balancing a tight rope, I am aware of a path to my desire but should I lose touch, everything can come crashing down suddenly.

Alone, I've found success creating a world that fits my desires.  Risk, reward, boom and bust all share space in my life and the scares from those encounters linger, but I get by.  still I continue with the life I've chosen because as a creative I must create.  Or so I believed.

Now coming into a stage of life were creating alone, only for self is no longer satisfying.  Dreams for me now are much bigger, bolder and they hold the hopes of others.  It is an inspiring type of creating now that pushes me to confront by my personal fears.  If I create it, can I still control it, which of course the answers is no.

Fleeting, control is, food for the false ego.  A million times I must have learned the lesson.  I never control the creative process, I only can work to direct it.  Guide the magic of the moment toward an outcome that I believe will be beautiful, beneficial, positive, this is the limits of control.  Pushing any harder will cause the collapse, sucking the love out of the creation.  Still, in the growth of a creation, as the roots push outward and the fruits of labor begin to blossom it feels like control; a godly blissful moment.  the mantra of "anything is possible" humming in my ears.  And in that same moment of joy the heart can be wrenched, torn from the chest, if part of the grand vision is not as it should be.   Suddenly a sense of failure can blind us to everything else.  it is in that sadness where I sit now and sulk.  having lost the only part that really mattered to me in my most recent vision, I'm left with the rest which appears only as window dressing on house of shit.  (false ego smiles with victory as I loose control)

visions however are never complete until we stop working them.  anything is possible as long as I commit to creating it.  I have no control but I have the power of my intention.  with that the magic of love opens the world to the creative...  I seek my focus again 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Just a Date.

Ten years following 9-11 and the country is still suffering the hangover.  It's hard to forget that moment, but it seems we still haven't learned the lessons.  The so called "war on terror" rages on, even after the man known as the mastermind of the plan has been killed.  (their will always be another enemy)  We have good troops, away from their family, fighting in wars that seem to have ever changing goals.  (when people profit off war their will always be pressure to fight)  Corperations are still taking advantages of our country, but then again that goes way back before enron.  And so does corrupt poloticians.  It just seems todays governement has too much money influnence going on.  Plus, it gets worse as the days pass, ever since the supreme court ruled that money equals speach and corporations have the same speach rights as people.  Sad really, money equals and vote and the people have no money.  It makes one wonder, if no one can afford to buy gas, who has money to express there vote?

I too spent today thinking about the effects of 9-11.  remembering the sacrifices people have made.  In there name I hope our nation finally quakes up and learns the lesson.  It's just a date if we don't live with respect

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sardines Over Orzo - If It Don't Sound Good, You Don't Know My Skill

truth is wine doesn't drive me. yes, I write about it, I talk about it, and I drink a lot of it (but not too much).  Still, it's not really about wine for wine sake.  yes, I love the magic of wine but really it's food, any food that inspires me.  food is one of the best ways we communicated with the planet.  (hence, what pulled me to the farm in the first place, but that's a story for another glass.) how we express that communication is what excites me.  tonight I'm choosing to begin the conversation with a bottle of Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir and stuff I found on the shelf. 

However, tonight it isn't about the bottle.  Tonight, wine is the special guest.  I great little bottle I grabbed at my new favorite wine shop in seattle.  so being that this tasty bottle is my guest (yes that is code for I'm drinking alone) I need to make a meal worthy of our guest.  Now if one would have stopped by the farm prior to this dinner, you likely would have thought my cuboards were bare.  But isn't that the beauty of cooking, creating something out of what you got and making that something a meal.

Yes, organic is the way to go.  whenever I can I get the freshest possible and ideally the best of the freshest.  having those types of ingredants makes cooking easy.  when reality sets in, and you are forced to use what you have, that's when your skill as a chef comes out.  luckily my chef skills come from a woman that survived a war.  more importantly, like any good mother, she took pride what she feed her family 

having lived in the japanese occupied philippines my grandma knows a few things about making do with what you have.  today, I'm yet to find a person that can out cook my Lola on her best day.  from watching create ever since I was a kid, I picked up a couple tricks of my own.  so what appeared to be junk on the shelves and a mostly empty fridge, turned into a flavor plate of sardines over orzo.  which if you ask me was worth of your guest, but only speaking for myself, I enjoyed them both.