Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello 2011 - Have a Drink on Me

On the eve of New Year's eve I find myself deep in thought. Part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to cry and all of me wants to drink; I'm just not sure what is motivating that craving.

I'd like to think my craving to drink is simply excitement for a newly popular Portuguese wine in my possession. I few month back I happened on a couple of bottles of wine that at the time seemed like a nice value selection. Little did I know, a few month later that wine would be one of Wine Spectator's top Ten wines of 2010. Had I known the wine's future pedigree I likely would have enjoyed the juice long ago. In truth, I would have purchased a few more bottles of the wine with the intention of selling this (now) hard to find vintage. And their in lies the problem...

As 2010 comes to a close I reflect on another year fraught by harsh economic times, the worst environmental disaster in know history and a country still at war. Please reflect on that moment yourself, so perhaps you can help me understand what have we learned?

With the a new year fast approaching it seems the biggest concerns facing the world is what outfit to wear, where is the "best" spot to be seen on New Years and what is Brett Favre up to now. I can't help be think we are all missing something. Something that is great, something important, something that is in all of us but we are scared to find out what it is. Instead, we remain in the now, ignoring that curiosity for something better in an effort to stay focused on chasing what we know, a buck. As the saying goes, "money makes the world go round."

My written ramblings brings me full circle to my current craving to drink. Tomorrow, I'll enjoy a fine wine with friends and strangers. We'll enjoy, enjoyment together. A feeling that is the perfect way to end one year and a blessing to start a new year. Top wine or not, best place or not and what I'll be wearing or not won't matter. If only for a moment we'll connect to the fact that what we have in enough and what that is, is each-other. Cheers to having "enough" in 2011, first drink is on me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Until You Get Your Way, Hold Your Breath

Like a four year old child, a New Zealand man is holding his breath until he gets his way.  Frankly, I don't blame him.  You can scream until you are red in the face but people seldom listen.  So maybe, making no noise at all, not even breathing will be more effective.  With that type of focused silence, a person can accomplish some amazing things.

The goal for this quiet tantrum; save the Hector Dolphins of New Zealand.

Yes, save the "dolphins".  I know it sounds a bit ridiculous with all the other turmoil in the world, but that is just it.  If we don't start appreciating all that is beautiful and strive to save it, what are we left with but turmoil.  Besides these beautiful creatures are pretty cool.  

I first laid eyes on them on a sailboat off the coast of New Zealand.  While enjoying a bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (the wine that put New Zealand on the map) a pod of Hector Dolphins thought they'd pay us a visit.  Perhaps it was the wine's distinct bouquet of ripe passionfruit, yellow plums, juicy limes and freshly picked basil that attracted our companions.  All I can remember was drinking in the grace of these animals while enjoying the wines long, crisp finish.  The white streak marking that runs the length of these classic grey dolphins looks almost like an artistic flame on a 50's hot rod car.  I was messmerized by these high performance "vehicles" as they crested and rode the bow wave of our modest little vessel.

A vision like that is worth saving.  In this season of giving, the best thing I can receive is the knowledge that I will have the opportunity to experience the majesty of the Hector Dolphin once more.  Until then, I hope that guy in New Zealand keeps holding his breath,... for all of us.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Grab Sum Booze, Let's Fire a Gun

Today the US Army announced a new infantry weapon with all the fanfare that only a great cliche line can capture, this weapon is "a game-changer".  However, I'm not sure what game the army plans to play with this weapon.  Briefly scanning the description of this weapon it becomes clear that the lethality of the new XM25 is not designed for any game my friends and I play.  In fact, when the XM25 is involved most enemies wouldn't want to play that game either.  This weapon system was not built for games, it was built to destroy.

The army proudly touts the guns ability to kill over, around and through any cover a target might hide behind.  When "smart" explosive rounds are unleashed, this is no game.  The gun was built to kill.  They military goes on to claim that this type of pinpoint technology will dramatically slash civilian death and damage on the battlefield.  One can only assume therefore that the more we fire this weapon in combat the more the "smart" explosions will find the "enemy".  In turn, we just might be amazed by the amount of "bad guys" that really exist.

The image of the weapon alone has me drooling to hold it in my hand.  Second amendment rights I say, this futuristic gun is exactly what the forefather had in mind.  Picture me, John Hancock, GW and Aaron Burr enjoying some fine french wine while shoot'n stuff up with our fancy XM25.  Now that is a history lesson any kid could get into.  

Forget the Red Rider BB Gun this Christmas Santa, I've got something better in mind.