Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rainy Day Work - Pick Up a Pen

thankfully the rain held off until after I returned from holiday. it'snot that I don't enjoy a little rain, rather sometimes I prefer to not think to much, giving in to the relaxed, easy feel of a sunny day. even if it's partly cloudy, their is less to worry about when one can ignore the rain. perhaps that is because, as the saying goes, "when it rains it pours."
with the holiday, now over, I welcome a fresh wash from a spring rain. back to work, my thoughts turn to the power of the pen and I begin to write. the cool, damp day outside helps keep me at my desk. rather than tending to the chores or engaging with the land, the rain inspires me to take a more cerebral approach to the day. I turn to a more introspective assessment of my world. as my thoughts begin to germinate it doesn't take long to rediscover that yes, when it rains it pours. especially when we ignore the fact that it is raining.
the farm is quickly teaching me to pay closer attention to the subtleness of the world around me. even a light drizzle brings change to the landscape. seemingly simple acts, starting off perhaps as a few drops can quickly become a overwhelming torrent if we choose to ignore them. which is why I rant today about the power of the pen. silly yes, the audacity of me to think that my little blog can alter the effects of the downpour I see around me. but to me, a sillier notion would be not pen my thoughts. each voice matters, and bold belief in that power has always guided our nation.

yesterday was a day to reflect on the many lives that have been sacrificed to defend in the bold beliefs of united states. we are part of a once proud nation, unwilling to compromise on our inalienable rights. long ago, a few bold believers penned these ideals, and since waves of supports have defended those beliefs with their lives. and while the rest of the nation was focused on the memorial day weekend, president oboma quietly rained on everyones parade. by following the lead of our previous president, a few drop of ink were spilled renewing the patriot act. rather than focusing on a piece of legislation that damages and limits many of our given rights, the news of oboma's actions focused on the "pen" he used to create this new deluge. new controversy on top of old controversy helps to distract us from the effects that this little storm will have on our nation. even a digital pen drop can lead to damage by an unwanted rainstorm.

outside my window, the rain for now ceases to fall. in the background however a drip persists. this rain it seems, has alerted me to troubles the need my attention. our home needs tending. so for now I place down my pen. words alone are not enough in the face of a storm, it is time for action.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

time for a fresh bottle, it begins again

I thought I was done writing this experience, I thought it was time to move on to the next chapter of my life. I can feel a great transition taking place so I've been ingorinng my muse in favor of actions, or at least that's the excuse I use to not share my writings.  when I opened of bottle of old standby and settle in for a little SNL I should have known I was summing old habits into action. however it took tina fey to begin my fingers typing.

my first thought was why tina are you doing the sara palin, she is such a non-story. why bother to resurrect a dead character, you are pregnant for god sake. that's when I remember, tina is a great comedic writer, she knows that character is a zombie.  it must be the network must be begging for it.  in need of a buck (she'll soon have another mouth to feed), ms. fey once more rolled out the "alaskan milf" for our entertainment.

it was how she played it though that inspired my thinking. forced into action, it doesn't matter the circumstances or the timing, evey moment can lead to a teachable moment. In this case, wake-up people, sara palin will not go away on her own.   just stop listening to her and eventually the voice will fade.   others might continue, or so it may seem but trust me, you control your own fate and when you stop listening the voice eventually will fade.   an old girlfriend taught me that lesson, and happily I don't hear that voice anymore.

and so, with another sip I'm back to posting.   things might change around me but I'll still be left with teachable moments to share.   if you tire of hearing it, let the my voice fade, just make sure in my stead you get out and do something positive with your life.   I'm excited by the future once more