Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks - Thanksgiving is Great

Drink wine, eat turkey and be merry... then drink some more.

Thankful for another wonderful day among family.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tip of the Glass - Thanks Vets

I walked to the store tonight and bought a bottle of wine, simply because I could.  

I sat on my deck and enjoyed that wine, happy to be relaxing at home.  When two thirds of the bottle was gone I picked it up and poured the rest out.   I watched the red juice first puddle, then spread across the deck.  

I didn't pour the wine out because it was bad, but rather because for the price it was pretty darn good.  In fact, I poured the rest out because I realized how lucky I am to be at home, able to enjoy a nice glass of wine simply because I was free to do so. 

Across the many generations of this great nation, people of all classes, races, sexes and sexual orientation have sacrificed.  The least I could do was pour out a little wine out in their honor.  Happy Veterans Day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Drink or Not to Drink, That is the Question

I have guests for dinner tonight and thankfully they have made themselves comfortable.  I, on the other hand, have a problem.  Looking over my personal wine collection a few things have immediately come to mind.  First, at a glance it isn't much of a collection any more.  The ever decreasing size tells me, that much like my bank account, I've been making more withdrawals than deposits.  Second, I have good taste in wine.  This leads directly to the third and most troubling thought.  Of the remaining wines, what is good to drink?

Years ago, when this blog was in its infancy I wouldn't have grasp the complexity of that question.  Even though I knew some wine can "mature" with age, I hadn't yet to experience the difference.  Even further back in my history, prior to this blog, life was much simpler.  If I was thirsty for wine and if a bottle was in reach, the only debate I'd have about a wine's readiness to drink was if a cork was still in the bottle's neck.  Of course, with the wide distribution of screw tops these days life gets ever easier.  (But that leads to an even bigger debate.)  As I examine each individual bottle remaining in my collection my concern is; is this wine ready to drink or not to drink.

One of my guest, noticing me frozen in thought, hands me an open beer and prepares to listen to the details of my internal debate.

In attempts to bring my quandary to life, I site a few examples from current events to illustrate my point.  On this evening of fun, with good friends and delicious food, I could easily throw caution to the wind.  I could frivolously opening the first bottle to find my hand, all the while thinking, drink it young and enjoy.  Wine for goodness sake is made to be enjoyed not deified.  In fact, their is no better example of celebrating the joy of wine for wine sake than the third Thursday of November.  The day which marks the official arrival of new wine, Beaujolais Nouveau.  However, one must remember for every action their is an equal and opposite reaching.  One need look no further than tomorrow's Sotheby auction to understand the value of patience.  Wine is about passion.  It is not an indulgent tramp to please one's fancy.  Wine was created to enlighten one's experience.  A good wine will make a meal more enjoyable, a great wine makes moments monumental.

After hearing me out, my friend cracks us a couple more beers so we can continue to stare at the wine collection.  As I take a sip I wonder what my other guests are drinking.

OMG - Drunk Dialing Made Easy

As a wine enthusiast, (drinker) I find I'm have tons of interesting information to share, hence I started this blog. (I'm a dorky know it all). As my sphere of influence has grown (I have too much time on my hands) I've noticed I have tons more to say (apparently I'm starting to believe my own Bull$#!%). Now, in addition to blogging I also tweet. (I'm so hip) But the problem I've come across lately is finding time to text, let alone type. (when you always have a drink in hand it hard to deal with those little buttons)

Finally, someone has invented something that really saves time. Welcome to the world of vlingo, the fastest way to get things done on your phone. Sure, to a simpleton (you) vlingo sounds like a voice activation app. However to a "business person" like myself, vlingo is a whole new world of possibility. When I first discovered vlingo I was compelled to crack a bottle of Sumarroca Brut Reserva, to celebrate.

This fine spanish bubbly was the prefect expression for how I felt when I first came across vlingo. On paper I'd describe the wine as intense straw yellow, with fine bubbles. The aroma showed good intensity, with notes aniseed, white fruit and bread. On the palette the mouthfeel is medium bodied, great acidity and fresh, with some persistence. But in average joe speak, (for you the reader) I was excited. At such an affordable price, this wine has endless possibilities to impress. Just like my new favorite toy, my vlingo app.

In fact, with glass in one hand and bottle of Spanish cava in the other, I able to send texts to all my friends about how great Sumarroca Brut Reserva is. Their is nothing so sweet as texting with ones voice. No more wasted phone minutes waiting for my turn to talk. Thanks to vlingo I can just speak my thoughts and my lucky friends get to enjoy my extraordinary insights. Don't worry I'll say it for you, viva vlingo.

Monday, November 09, 2009

A Crush with Plenty to Do

I'm feeling surrounded, but for good reason.  Wine, wine everywhere, so much good stuff to drink.  This is a great time of year.  It's crush time, time to harvest those grape and enjoy last years vintage.  Problem is where to begin and then of course when to end.  Luckily harvest is a month long process so theirs plenty of time to enjoy, drinking it all in.  (and I do me all...)

As an optimist, I've been able to leverage my lingering "extended vacation".   I have ample time to indulge in the joy of this time of year. Like Kane from Kung Fu I envision a month of drifting from vineyard to vineyard soaking up whatever life has to offer.  And if my wisdom, calm demeanor or fist of fury are needed I will do what I can to positively impact the lives of those in need.  Otherwise, it just me and my flute, well not some much a flute but actually a fine piece of stemware.  That's not true either, it will likely be a crappy glass just nice enough to get the job done, but I promise it will get plenty of use.

On that note, off I go for a month of juicy good adventure.

[this post was written a month ago but in my exuberance to tour wineries I failed to hit the publish post button until now, I'm sure you all missed me]