Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Tuesday and I'm Fat

A week of sins can really take a toll on the body. No wonder Catholics give something up for lent, it is the only way to recover after a week of Mardi Gras celebrations. Red meat, alcohol, swearing, all list topers of things to give up for lent, and for good reason. When I sober up in the morning I'm guess abstaining from one, if not all of those may sound like a good idea... Of course a little red wine in moderation (aka - the blood of Christ) is not a bad idea. Even lent should be handled in moderation.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to the Baja

Cold beer in a hot shower, I taste of salt. Sometimes wine isn’t the right beverage for the occasion. After a day of chasing dolphins, swimming with sea lions and watching a grey whale partake in dinner, I’m back at home relaxing. Now clean, I can enjoy a feast of my own. Beneath a starlight night a plate of nachos and a few margaritas will do. It’s a perfect end to an almost perfect day. I feel happy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Take Me Away - Bring Me Wine

Finally aboard my flight, the last leg of travel is underway. Vacation will soon begin. The beverage cart arrives at my seat and the inevitable question is posed, “Anything to drink?” Before it becomes clear to my head, it is obvious to my mouth. I hear myself say, “A glass of wine would be nice.”

A plastic cup embossed with the word “Horizon” is placed before me. The white wine within emits floral notes with a hint of honeysuckle. Breathing in the wine’s bouquet, I feel the tenseness in my shoulders relax. It is only mid February but already the New Year seems long. This vacation marks a rebirth for me.

I toast myself with a glass of unknown wine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lost in Transition

During the brief break between announcements I have a moment to think. However my focus is soon broken by the next broadcast, perhaps this news pertains to me.

Stuck between flights, time drags on with anxious anticipation. People moving in all directions, everyone has somewhere to go. Each of us wondering are we on time, is it delayed, am I in the right spot, do I have what I need, how long until I get there, when can begin to relax.

The promise of vacations feels so distant while trapped in the airport terminal. No one here is at ease. Instinctively the most nervous among us migrate to the bar in hopes of finding normalcy and escape from the masses. To me it feels like reaching for a crunch, a way to dull the senses. Still, I like the other I now share space with have come to the bar for a drink.

Here, in one of the distant outposts of LAX, my beverage choices are limited. I stare at the wine selection hoping that I’ve overlooked a gem, praying a suitable wine will soon reveal itself; no luck.

Rather than succumbing to disappointing juice I resign to lap the terminal once more. As I set out I’m greeted by another PA announcement, "Horizon flight 2603 has been delayed". It’s going to be a long walk about the terminal.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Package

After another long fruitless day of searching for a job, I like many Americans sought relief. A knock at the door jarred me from the web and pulled me back to reality. Stepping away from my computer I went to answer the door. An old friend had come to visit and to make sure I still found joy in life. We sat down for a nice long talk...

I realized that through all the tough times and disappointment I can count on the joy of good friends. Life can feel hard but as long as we have friends it is worth pushing onward. As my pal departed he left behind a few choice bottles of wine. "I hope they help to inspire you in the future." he said as he turned to leave. Looking over the package of bottles I knew this delicious assortment of juice would fit the bill when the time was right.

Good Friends, good friends,...what more is their to say but THANKS.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Beating

Woe ho here it comes... In a couple more hours it will no longer be a surprise.