Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Be Clear on the Present Danger

Drunk on cheap (and yet tasty) wine, I was again applaud be the current state of our nations affairs. It is hard to believe and even harder to except that the greatest nation in the world is involved in torture. How has this happened?

Let's be clear about the real present danger. Terrorist are not the threat. Rather they serve as a warning from which a nation is tested, how we react is how we are judged. Driven by fear we have clearly created a present danger that threatens to destroy our country. Again and again, we allow chicken hawks to hide behind the flag while they shred the Constitution. Is their no one left in our government willing to stand-up to tyrannical power?

Where is a real Jack Ryan when you need him?
Perhaps I should just settle down, and like to rest of the country be content to look for him at the bottom of this bottle.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Buy American - Drink Silver Oak Wine

After a few days rest I thought the ringing in my head was finally dying down. But what I miss took for a cross between the lingering effects of explosions and a weekend long hangover wasn't at all what it seemed. It turns out my headache wasn't the residue of celebrating our nation's birthday; my headache was actually a thought that had been bothering me. In these troubling times of an economy lagging, inflation looming and our troops still caught in a pointless war it is important to stay focused on what we as Americans can do to help. Thus my nagging thought... BUY AMERICAN.

Sure, we all love the bounty of wines the world has to offer, but at least for now I suggest you buy American wine. At the very least just give them a try (even if only for the rest of this month). My guess is you'll be happy on the return of your investment.

The the value of the euro going through the roof, labor problems in South America and the cost of shipping only going higher, the price of imported wines continues to rise. Imports that were once seen as good value are now just mediocer and quality wines are now becoming price prohibitive. Why grab a decent Italian table wine when you can get a tasty Walla Walla wine for a better price. Sure theirs always a reason to buy a good import but as those prices climb their is a good argument to be made in investing in great American wine instead.

Take for example Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2003. A dark ruby with a purple to red edge, this wine displays bright aromas of dark chocolate, cherry, black tea, allspice and ginger. In the mouth this full-bodied California grown Cab is round, balanced and shows an extremely long finish accented by savory ripe fruit. With a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet you can't go wrong. Properly cellared, Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 can give drinking pleasure until 2026.

...By then the dollar will have recovered its value and while your wine will have become even more sought after. Come to think of it I'd better get a couple cases while I can. (On for the cellar and one to mellow this lingering "thought" in my head.)