Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And So It Goes And Continues to Go

Barely into the new year and already the newness of the year ahead has begun to tarnish. For me, 2011 started with much promise and excitement. Life it seemed was finally feeling effortless, a fantastic flow that carried me seamlessly to each joyful moment. However, a new storm has blown in, testing me and apparently my reslove. 

It all began with a rain drenched weekend. A minor treat to activities outdoors, the prospect of being soaked to the bone was easily overcome by a coupious amounts of homebrew wine. Though slightly watered down by the ever increasing rainfall, both the wine and the accompaning party rocked on, through the blustery night. It wasn't until the next morning that my entire world was rocked, a death has away of doing that to people.  This time it wasn't just one death but two.

Death, though has another effect; just as every rain cloud has a silver linning.  Death has a way of reminding us about life.  I choose to celebrate that.  Still, I would be lying if I said everything is flowing smoothly now, far from it infact. My brief glimpse of a carefree life as regained the weight of seriousness (at least for now).

I'm not sure what the lasting effects of this rainy weekend will have on the rest of my life but I take solice in what a wrote not long ago. They were words a muse shared with me, "It's just energy, you get to decide how the feeling goes through you."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it Flow, Let Your Self Go

"It's just energy," she tells me. "You get to decide how the feeling goes through you."

Like a tuning fork those words humm in my head. Hanging there just amount before reasonating throughout my entire body. As I drift off into thought, the room melts away. I decide how the energy flows threw me...
Powerful little creature are we, specks in the grand scheme of the planet but undeniably able to re-shape the world around us. Together we can move mountains, change environments or if enough of us to loose our minds in unision, we can shake the earth. We are a powerful people.

Look no further than the vineyard to see the power of people. Land, crops, earth, water have all been moved to focus all the regions energy to grow the perfect sugary grape juice. Fermentated, that juice becomes a beautiful expression of all the goodness the world has to offer. A great sip of wine releases memories of season past, stories from special moments, secrets treasures hidden in the universe; wine, in it's sexiest form, is a conversation with god.

Wine is but one of the many expression of people power. The energy we have access to is limitless. It is up to us to let it flow, and once it begins to flow we choose how it flow through us. As I think that thought the room returns to my conciousness. Those I left behind are once again among me. As I look back, outward onto the world, I make eye contact with her once more. She smiles. As I feel that energy flow through me, I smile back.  A New Year begins...