Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For Pete's Sake - Would U Get After It

you can't force what you are going to write, you kinda just have to go with it. the idea is to let it flow.  meaning is all there in the text if you let it out. edit later but it's best when you just let it go. the first answer is the best answer when you are making an educated guess.

once you find that rhythm and you are willing to let it flow out then you can begin to tinker with it. I always imagine how it sounds,...if it were music. what is the voice, the swagger of the speaker and why do we want to listen to it. next I like to see how it looks, is it short enough or am I rambling. sometimes you gotta ramble cuz people just don't get it. when you hit all those things right, something that sounds good, something that pleases the eye and that same something also manages to have a depth to it, a something that will draw me back, that is something ...something to pay attention to.

around things like that, usually there is magic.

sometimes it just isn't the time to write, you can't force that either. you can try. squeeze tight enough and surely we can force a little more toothpaste from this dry tube. at least that's my guess, however uneducated it may sound.

And then their are deadlines.  left with a dry tube and no magic I turn to a bottle of (add wine you'd like to hawk [here]) tasty juice (cut and paste tasting notes).  after a sip or two a good one makes me crave a second glass. templates thus are key.  they works and help you to live to write another day. a story is nothing to stress about it's just words, to me living it is what writing is all about.  So be it ink or wine, just let it flow, let go and get after it 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Living For Today - Life in Peace

it's sunday night before memorial day and I can't sleep. sundays have been rough times lately which makes no sense to me at all, but it's fact. sundays can be emotional. all day it seems my thoughts have haunted me, silly stuff but big stuff to me. of course that how we are in america, pretty self absorbed. at least I know I can be at times. my drive for this or that, the drive that gets me to the top can also cause me to forget to see other things along the way.

of course we can't see it all. that's why at times we need to stop, step outside of self, pause to remember, embrace the cliche. ritual it feels is a lost art in our world, time for peace, quite, reflection is seldom taken. lost in our own problems we tend to forget. give us an excuse and we'll shop instead. So they give us a holiday and tomorrow we will take it. Slipping my grandfathers dog-tag back around my neck I realize it's time to get serious for a minute... it's not just about me

Memorial Day is all about remembering the dead. people that gave their life in war, supporting this country. I think about all those I've lost. I think about my grandfather, who after surviving as a guerrilla warrior in WWII became a career soldier in the US military in order to bring his family, my father, the roots of my family to the states.

But we all know people that have done amazing things in their life, made sacrifices, made our lifestyle possible. I think of all the veterans of the many ages that fought to protect our nation. It seems we loose more of them every year. the sole survivor of "the last great war - the war to end all wars" past this year. of course war continues as does death. and even sadly though we find war aids death the race to the end continues. even for those that survive combat, statistics demonstrate they can expect a shorter lifespan. we need to look no further than "desert storm" to understand the effects of these stats. It's not hard to find someone that served in Iraq, and most of us can think of someone that kicked ass and survived in the first war in Iraq. for me those guys are just memories now, dying at home before their time. war simply put is not healthy. it happens and we can argue at times it has to happen. I choose however to honor those who serve and sacrifice.

So rather then getting all caught up in my head, or just getting lost tomorrow I plan to take note of tomorrow's holiday. I suggest you join too. take a moment if you will, THINK PEACE

Friday, May 11, 2012

Morgante Nero d'Avola Take Me Away

the sun is shining again, warm rays have us all stretching skyward.  it's a good time to grow...
the moon, she is in the sky today also, waning.  I watch as she sets behind a grove of trees on the horizon.  I want to join her there, in the woods among the peacefulness of nature.  instead I feel stuck in the city.  less inspired, less connected, surrounded by people scurrying in all directions.  they seem to have places to be, I on the other hand am left feeling alone.  I am where I'm supposed to be, though I don't feel like I want to be here.  life in the city rolls on.

I need sun on my skin to help me grow.  for to long I've been sitting inside, fingers on the keyboard, mouse in hand searching for truth in the depth of a computer screen. isolated from the outside world the connectedness of the digital world is not real.  touch, taste, smell, have eluded me, I live stuck inside my head.  yet I continue to write, documenting my disdain for the domesticated life.  like a collared dog, I feel fenced in.  frustrated I open a bottle of wine and suddenly my sense are alive.

Spicy dark fruit fills my nose, I feel a slightest tingle as the alcohol passes my lips revealing a surprisingly welcome flavor of leather and licorice.  this a full-body wine who's complexity lingers as each sip passes into memory.  leaving my desk behind I walk out the door, this time taking a swig straight from the bottle.  Replacing the cork I am off.  this pleasant bottle of wine can wait.  I've just freed my mind, it is time for a walk in the light of the mid-day sun.  toward the direction of the long passed moon I travel.  somewhere in the distance nature's knowledge awaits, so I walk on.  I intent to get lost today...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Get Out of My Home If You Don't Cut That Hair

it's getting out of control, the house is a mess, grandma, remember to call grandma, have you done your taxes, bills, ticket, groceries, beer I need a beer... what have I become?
slow the brain down and think, one thing at a time... I need a haircut.
really I need a stylist. my hair is long again and I like it, but it's outta control.

I need someone in my life again who can feel the vibe, keep me in check when I start getting to liberal in life. somebody to remind me about the balance one needs to maintain between this world and the world we live in. in one of them, they call me a dreamer. I just can't remember which because for me the worlds are beginning to blend together. it all seems to be going by so fast. maybe because I'm just running right now, running after a dream. But is it a dream or is it real, because I can taste it. taste it in the air, taste it in the soil. I can feel it on my face, breath it threw my skin, it is all around me, it is so real that I have no choice but to chase after it; so I run.

I'm so excited, so much to do, so many details to consider, plans to put into motions, games to be played. I get lost in the laughter, alone in the fields... in that moment I awake to reality, their's not even grapes on the vine yet, the season is yet to play out.  patience, allow time to let the dream unfold. quit running so hard, it's all in your head, take care of yourself, start with a haircut; I decision I'm not prepared to make that's why I'm asking for a stylist, which takes me back to what have I become?

...I need to stop running through life, I need to start appreciating my time once more. less beer more wine, it's time to remember to drink in the good things in life and enjoy