Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time For a Leader - I'll Take A Half Case

As of late my muse has been more of nature, less of alcohol.  wine will always be a muse, but it was an escape to nature that has kept me inspired during these ridiculous times.  as much as i had hoped the old me was dead and gone, it appears I still have plenty of rant left in me.  however, this latest mocker of our democracy has me back to the bottle.  likely it will take a case, if not just a liter, to calm my nerves  because the lack of leadership surround our nations debt crisis has me worried.  if people don't pull their heads out of their ass, everyone is going be looking for refuge on my farm.

to explain the crisis more than just a farce is a waste of keystrokes for me and an insult to you the intelligent reader.  for those few readers that lack the understanding to realize the president should simply act to avert this crisis, even if it becomes a constitutional argument. (which he can under the powers granted in the 14th amendment) then you have likely already wasted 20 minutes of your life sounding out my words to this point.  the point is, a joke crisis has now escalated to a global matter in which the united states has become the joke.  we elected barack obama to prove our democracy still works and this form of democracy is still the beacon of hope for the rest of the world.  instead, president obama sits in office afraid to lead.

ever since mr. obama was dubbed our first black president the running joke has been, "I thought his dick would be bigger." but what really is in question is the size of his balls.  to quote a friend of mine, "if I had the power, his [president obama] blackness would be revoked."

step up and lead on this one, mr. hope, mr. change I can believe in.  take the power of the 14th amendment now, before the deadline.  if it goes to court let's take it there.  let the supreme court rule on it.  let the haters have to relive the very reason the 14th amendment was put in the constitution.  let us remember all the broken promises of this nation, the debt we've placed on society.  if mr. black president, they want to take you to court, let us bring out the documents of 40 acres and a mule.  let us explore all the debt this nation owes, and not just to people of color, but to the poor, the hunger, the homeless, the out of work.  to the soldiers, the veterans, the retired and children.  the truth is, this nation owes the debt to the people. in that we are owed this moment to be in front of the supreme court, if it must.  at this point it is the only way to stop the madness.  as a nation, we must have the opportunity to still believe in our democracy for if we loose that we loose the United States.

if you are not the man to lead now President Obama, then please step aside.  I fear for the fate of this great nation, no more time to waste, time for a leader.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Drink - Something to Help Wyclef Think

where to begin? joblessness, debt, the fear of a black president.  it sounds like a public enemy song.  if you thought I was referring to the USA you wouldn't be wrong but this song, these lyrics are about another nation.  It is a song, I think best sung by Wyclef Jean.

Google his work with the country of Haiti if you don't know what it is I'm referring to.  while the rest of the world is willing to forget Haiti and it's rich history, some still believe that nation deserves its own voice.  even if you think you know the history of Haiti am referring to, I urge you to wikipedia it anyway.

I try to visualize what it was like to be involved in a slave revolt. I imagine how bloody it must have been.  the suffering, the gore, balanced in opposition to a liberating feeling.  The Thought of throwing off the very chains that have enslaved you.  to open your eyes one day and see the possibility of surviving on my own terms not the commands of another.  after being born into repression awakening to a sense of freedom, alive in a tropical paradise.  a free state, an island nation in waters surrounded by slave colonies.  (a fate worse than any modern supermax prison.)  the closes free neighbor, the newly born United States of America... it is a history that if I ever learned it, I must have forgotten cause it wasn't on the test.  But it doesn't surprise me because tales like that of Haiti are tales that we are seldom taught. 

Haiti has become the symbol of the plight of suffering that we choose to forget.  perhaps it is because the history of both nations is so closely tied, maybe it is because their closeness of global location, or maybe it is because we still think of haiti as the little brother we can always take advantage of but look no further than Haiti to see how hypocritical when can be as a nation.  a couch's lifetime of therapy might not solve the issues between the nations but should the UN promise to pay the bill for counseling, it would do wonders for both countries national debt.

currently Wyclef has visions of beginning that healing process.  only knowing the man through his lyrics I have faith it is him.  I would love the opportunity however, to sit with his inner circle, share a bottle and learn more.  at that meetings, always prepared with a tale, I'd eventually have the opportunity to hand Wyclef a caipirinha.  as the drinks silky sweet taste passes his lips, notes of both bitter and sweet will being to dancing to an un-song lyrics in this mouth.  I will share the story of this tasty drink, allowing Wyclef time to think.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We're Sorry Murdoch

they are sorry

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Take a Hike Facebook, I'm Busy Soaking

hidden in the cascade mountains, I like to relax during the regular work week.  stuff can get done on the weekend or during dark hours while others sleep.  however, the solitude and serenity of a natural hot-spring is best enjoyed while the masses are at the office.  I don't know if anything is more liberating than a naked soak shared with a special friend or two.  maybe a tasty bottle of wine would make things better.  still, time spent in the natural world always makes the world better.

it didn't surprise me then, when an article surfaced that the founder of facebook likes to take people on a hike.  experiencing the natural world is important, even for the famous among us.  believe it or not, we are part of nature.  yet, daily we are told otherwise.  we seemingly struggle to avoid that reality, preferring to create a sterile environment full of digital numbers, virtual experiences and manufactured goods.  for some reason, people find comfort in a disconnection life.  at least they think they do.

take a person out of the office, help them experience the natural world on terms they can handle, I promise you they'll soon ask for more.  attachment, rather then detachment is something we all seek.  (if facebook has proven anything, it is the human desire to attach to something)  most are so detached they don't have the tools to re-engage.  and many that have tried to reconnect don't know how to leave the stress of the city behind, missing out on the full bliss of the natural mind.  the curse of our communal detachment effects us on every level.  from the food we choose to consume to the morals that guide our business; detachment, apathy and the like have sucked the humanity out of the human race.

rather then pondering my rant more deeply, or commenting in an effort to create debate, why not seek out a patch of grass, no matter how small...  take off your shoes....  walk around and feel the earth between your toes.  if you are still moved to share your thoughts please do, but first why not seek out a bit more nature and leave behind your watch,... your cell or even your shirt. write down what you feel like telling me.  however, before you mail it off, or try to push the send button, go a little deeper with a little less holding you back.  besides, I'd prefer face to face communication...  when you are comfortable just come find me at the hot-springs.  I'd really love to hear what you have to say.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Farmers Jihad

I have to admit I'm a bit of a terrorist sympathizer, a piece of me is anyway.  Because one of my favorite games, can only be described as terrorism.  I should explain...

Kerri (my soon to be wife) and I spend lots of time together.  Even though I love that woman to death, sometimes when you are stuck in a confined space for long periods of time, death doesn't sound like a bad option.  Luckily, Kerri and and I learned that creating entertaining games is a much better option to act on.

Driving has become our preferred method of travel, allowing us to sample quiet corners of the nation that are otherwise flown over and forgotten.  Still, during these long drives, a car can take on that tight, confined space feeling.  The radio gets old, conversation becomes stagnant, the endless road tiresome; something is needed to break up the monotony of the journey.  That's how one of my favorite games evolved.  It all started with fresh cherries.

Stopping at a roadside farm stand is both a good pit-stop and a nice way to enjoy some local treats, my favorite being cherries.  However, any fresh produce will do.  Once back on the road the game begins.  I prefer cherries because spitting the pits out the window is liberating.  Tossing an apple core, strawberry tops or even (dare I admit) a banana peal is equally fun.  Releasing this non-native*, usually seed baring, material is an act of eco-terrorism .  Sure, it's all organic and has little or no chance of actually taking root, but that is not the point.  In my head, it is a game of hit and run.  Eco-bombing the highway landscape is mischievous and littering is bad.  Still, I do it anyway just for the thrill.  I'm not proud of my terrorist tendencies but I'm learning to be honest about my flaws.

*if obtained from a local farm stand wouldn't it be native food?  Not always, in fact rarely, since most plants have been brought to the region for growing.  Further more, food is never a "native" part of a modern roadway.