Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If We Took A Holiday

As the fun of previous day subsides, I look back and ponder what was discussed. Sometimes when friends, fun and wine are gathered, crazy agreements arise out of such joyful moments. Therefore, it is always important to review the events of a day to honor the integrity of a plan and especially ones word. Yesterday, on April 20th, it appears a half bake plan was created. This plan is a holiday of sorts that now sounds to good to stop. Yesterday gave birth to the idea of an epic road trip...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Things We Do For Fun

Playing with tea bags seems like a waste of a sunny day in April. Tea is a glorious beverage to enjoy with friends and heighten the tone of a otherwise drab conversation. Tea is much better than a prop of a false protest, but then again tea in a bag like wine in a box is far from the good stuff, but I digress...

So rather than waste a beautiful sun drench day complaining, I invited a friend to meet at a patio. I thought we could share some wine while we watched for protesters. I'm betting the under on crowd size.

Monday, April 13, 2009


The rains of today have washed over me, unable to dampened my spirit. It has been another beautiful day in the world. The string of current happiness reaches back now for weeks rather than just days, hours or, as it was for a time, only minutes. Though the scares from the new year remain, and the hurt still lingers, I realize much of the pain from that time is buried now under the rebuilding efforts. Those efforts, finally taking hold, breath life into me.

My senses, dormant for a time in order to protect my heart are now re-awakening. Simply recalling the name of last nights wine, Antinori Tignanello 2005, brings on a vivid memory. I recall the perfumed, well-articulated aromatics in the glass. The wine's distinct scent melds into a soft, generous core of ripe red fruits is complemented by smoke, mineral, tobacco and spice overtones that fill the air.

To call this a rebirth is to not understand the process underway. The tragedy of the experience that brought me here has not gone away, nor will the wisdom that grew out of this time. I am not new, rather I feel alive once more...