Thursday, January 24, 2013

Drink It Down, Let's Sleep

"it's not a secret but i'll tell you anyway.  i prefer to sleep at the girls house rather then take her to my bedroom."  these are the words that come from my mouth as i pour more wine in her glass.  the noise of the juice escaping the bottle comes as a sshhhhhh.  news of my secret grabs this guest attention.

having already finished one bottle, we start consuming another.  she had suggested we take this bottle to the bedroom.  filling her glass i describe why this wine will be best enjoyed here, in the front room near the heater.  I'm a transient, at times I appear homeless. truth is i like to stay on the move.  it is hard for me to settle down.  content now, time huddled by a warm heater feels right.  

the most comfortable bed i sleep in these days is a room at my parents house, yet i continue to sleep all over.  the farm, the safe house, the cabin at pirate's cove, the spot in the city, the boat, a tent, in my puffy coat under the stars.  I'm no bum but i've even been known to sleep in my car.  all these beds i rarely share.  yes, it's been known to happen, not tonight.  although it is tempting, she is beautiful

we finish the second bottle.  cherry and current flavors mingle with a strawberry finish, like a kiss.  a sweet end to the evening.  getting her settled by the heater, I build a nest of blankets and pillows.  stroking her back, lights out, she drifts to sleep.  I retire to my bed.  my little secret continues, i sleep alone

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Straight At It - We Get After Living

in my opinion the only way to live life is knowing how to slide down hill.  for me it is straight forward, i don't understand why people like to do it sideways.  I ski, some snowboard, it doesn't matter as long as you know how to get down the mountain.

...understanding how to get to the top is a different matter.  most of us start with getting a lift.  when  a helicopter drops you off it is easy to feel like a champion.  i know that's how i felt the first time i got off the highest chair at my home mountain, like a champ.

give me the steepest path in life, push me to find balance, dare my to go straight. i'm not afraid of going down, descending, being present to all that is scarey in life.  living aint easy, neither is life, it's all ups and downs.  gotta find balance, it's the only way to feel a sense of control but no matter what it's all about finding the flow.  people do it in all different ways, i'm just try to do it straight forward.  what can i say, i'm a ski bum

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drink Drunk Living Life

let's drink wine tonight for no other reason then to be drunk.

pull that cork and make it pop, let the world hear that tonight we are letting it all out.  pour the wine, pulling the bottle high above the glass so that the wine falls through the air.  let it make a splash.  let it stain the earth around us.  let them know we came to drink; drink it all in.

the aroma of the juice fills the air if you are present to smell it.  the crimson sparkles in the light if you are there to see it.  And the taste of the wine is mighty fine should you drink it.  this is living, present to all the senses, present to the moment, living in the present, drunk on life.

i see, swirl, sip, and spit.  happily make a mess of it all.  popping another cork we do it all again.  another bottle summons more friends to the party.  tonight we drink wine for no other reason then to feel the intoxication of life.