Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thinking Wine - I'm A Smoking Loon

Raising my glass to take in the sweet scents of floral and nutmeg I paused before allowing the straw colored juice to touch my lips. Then just as I began, I reverse. I set my glass down as I examine headlines...
'Idol' voting controversy
A corporate sponsor confirms that its employees helped Kris Allen fans send "power texts."

$100,000 for birthday party
Celebs like Tom and Katie go to extremes for their kids' bashes.

Genetically engineered monkeys pass green glow to offspring

...Its good to have important things to ponder I thought, as I again raised my glass. This time I hardly considered the nose as the wine approached my lips. I take a generous sip. My attention is fixed on the news rather than my drink. Of course, I could likely guess the description of the wine prior to tasting. Smoking Loon Chardonnay has a way of remaining consistently pleasant from vintage to vintage. Another thoughtless sip pass as I browse more of the important news of the day.

Now fully inspired by the world around me I take a moment to ponder. Complex flavors of green apple and pear with hints of oak which lend a butteriness with touches of vanilla. One more healthy sip, held briefly on the palette confirms my assumption. I continue to ponder; what was I thinking last year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Two - Four Eh!

Belated of course, since we are now twenty-six years removed from Strange Brew, but for me the Two Four celebration just began.

After the conclusion of this evenings "Sixty Minutes", I discovered wine still in my glass. In an effort to entertain my now limber brain I began surfing channels, with little luck...

The NBA playoffs were on but the Super Sonics becoming the Thunder was the last straw, no more NBA for me. Sunday night baseball couldn't hold my attention so I passed. The Devil Wears Prada may have been the only movie of interest I could find but I had already seen it. For a time the "Fantasy Factory" held my attention but quickly the commercials brought an end to that. Once I resumed my search it seemed all I could find were shows about the illuminati, I guess I should see Tom Hanks new movie. Clearly the current state of television did not mesh with my current state of mind.

But in that realization I discovered a new option. A different way of thinking was needed. Off to the CBC for my answer, to which Canada replied with a rerun of the Two Four Tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie. I was sucked in. Tom Hanks can wait, I hear the call of a different movie...Ka-roo-koo-koo-a-koo-koo-koo!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After a Fine Wine I'm Still Tortured by Torture

I've always enjoyed Hedges Three Vineyards wine. This blend consistently perks me up at the end of the day. The wine has an intriguing nose of blackberry, plum and cherry with hints of cantaloupe in the background backed up by a chorus of toasty oak spice. Medium-bodied with velvety tannins and balanced acidity, the wine delivers the complexity of its bouquet on the palate. For the value, it has yet to disappoint or let down a meal. So, before diving in, to explore our latest hearing on torture, I thought I'd pour myself a glass of Hedges Three Vineyards wine to keep me company.

It wasn't long before I was disappointed. Not by the wine, but what I was reading. Rather than bang my head against a wall of partisan redoric, wallowing in the guilt of our nations moral failures and longing for good old fashion American ideals, I decided I should enjoy what their is to enjoy. (What has happened to the America I know?) I decided to turn my focus to the open bottle of wine.

Immediately closing my laptop, I grabbed the phone as I walked toward my fridge. As I dialed a friend as I opened the refrigerator's door. "Come on over and enjoy some dinner." I replied as my friend attempted a simple hello.

Without missing a beat he asked, "What are you offering?"

After a long stare at the nearly empty frig I answered, "Pizza. Pizza and wine."

I heard him say something about being on his way as I hung up the phone. It didn't matter, I knew his answer and I needed to make another call. Taking another sip, I let the velvety fruit flavor linger in my mouth slide before I spoke. "I need a large for delivery..."

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Bottle of Wine and No Whine

Home now, I am tired. To fatigued to search for a glass, I drink wine directly from the bottle. It feels good. With every sip I let go. Relaxing ever deeper from thoughts of work, lose or pain. I melt into the couch as my mind drifts to a distant shore.

Stuck somewhere between steady employment and permeate vacation, life is surreal. Freedom leads to fun which gives way to fear only to be tempered by increasing funds which ultimately limits freedom. So we chase our tail back to the beginning only to find ourselves at the end.

Another sip and I place the empty bottle near my feet. I am struck by an image that is crawling out from the recesses of my memory. Once, only an interesting composition, the painting suddenly speaks to me. I am in the image walking along this new shore.

I close my eyes to explore the possibilities. As I drift off I hear myself whisper, "Happy birthday Salvador, happy birthday."