Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No More Crissy to Make You Pissy - Drink Deutz

Lovely ladies, lots of bling and copious amounts of Cristal, use to be the classic signs of the hip-hop high roller. And why not, Cristal has all the trappings of elegance. In the glass the wine reveals a lustrous amber yellow color with an exuberant bouquet of ripe fruit and toasted wooded notes, complemented by a classy, well bodied palate with a long persistent finish. A beverage recognizable from across the room. Of course those in the know saw Cristal more as a mixer, adding it to equal parts of Alize over ice to create the smooth and refreshing beverage known as Thug Passion. For those not in the know listen to Tupac’s All Eyez on Me disc 2 track 6 for tasting notes.

Until recently there was no substitute for the Cristal experience. However that all changed when Jay-Z got hold of his subscription of the Economist. An interview with Frederic Rouzaud, the managing director of Louis Roederer, Cristal's parent company, left such a bad taste in Jay-Z mouth that no amount of Cristal could wash the taint away. Thus Jay-Z is calling for a boycott of Cristal, vowing to keep it out of his clubs and personal life.

This is drastic news for young playas hoping to impress the ladies. How now are you supposed to exude flair and refinement: Dom P, Krug or Cooks? No, the true baller will reach for Deutz.

Duetz Brut Classic greets the nose with floral aromas, toasted notes and ripe white fruit. On the palate the freshness of the chardonnay grape, the power of pinot noir and the suppleness of pinot meunier, bring together in an elegant ensemble perfect for blending with a fine bottle of Alize. At less than half Cristal’s price there is plenty of money left over to upgrade your bling.

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