Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Just a Date.

Ten years following 9-11 and the country is still suffering the hangover.  It's hard to forget that moment, but it seems we still haven't learned the lessons.  The so called "war on terror" rages on, even after the man known as the mastermind of the plan has been killed.  (their will always be another enemy)  We have good troops, away from their family, fighting in wars that seem to have ever changing goals.  (when people profit off war their will always be pressure to fight)  Corperations are still taking advantages of our country, but then again that goes way back before enron.  And so does corrupt poloticians.  It just seems todays governement has too much money influnence going on.  Plus, it gets worse as the days pass, ever since the supreme court ruled that money equals speach and corporations have the same speach rights as people.  Sad really, money equals and vote and the people have no money.  It makes one wonder, if no one can afford to buy gas, who has money to express there vote?

I too spent today thinking about the effects of 9-11.  remembering the sacrifices people have made.  In there name I hope our nation finally quakes up and learns the lesson.  It's just a date if we don't live with respect

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