Sunday, February 05, 2012

Reflections on a Long Walk Home

I've come to believe that we are reflections of the company we keep.  the people we choose to take on as friends says much about who we are as a person.  taking on their energy and share ours with them, it impacts the world, for good or for ill.  thus, you can learn much about a person by getting to know their inner circle.  of course, I probably believe that because the only people on the planet I admire more than myself are my friends.

these days I am seldom surprised by the many things my circle of friends are able to accomplish.  While I continue to bum though life, learning to share the richness of the story that unfolds, my friends live inspired lives that help me find the joy in living.

Following the premier of the movie about his life, a friend of mine decided the best way to stay humble and true to his story was to walk home.  over the next three days he'll hike and ride from paradise on mt. Rainier back to Crystal mt and his home in greenwater.  meanwhile another friend juggles, full-time school, full-time work and part-time snowboard instructing, all so that she can carve our time for the important things in life, living a spirit life of joyful free-time.  they might be brief, but when the opportunity presents itself she gets after it.

It's not all rainbows and unicorns however in the lives of my friends.  pain and tragedy as of late is no stranger.  Having just lost a very special girlfriend to cancer, the grace by which my buddy is dealing with such lose is a powerful thing to witness.  I've fallen hard in the past and I watch as others I know fall even harder. It is easy to allow negatives in life to pull us down.  But to stand in the face of that fear, to be strong while at the same time be open taking help as it is offered, to be aware that it is okay to be vulnerable so that healing can occur, that is a powerful lesson.

I see these friends in good times and bad and they also see me.  through it all I continue to vibe with these people because in my heart I know, we all are just doing our best to pour love into the world around us.  That is a reflection I'm happy to see look back at me from the mirror.

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