Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drink Drunk Living Life

let's drink wine tonight for no other reason then to be drunk.

pull that cork and make it pop, let the world hear that tonight we are letting it all out.  pour the wine, pulling the bottle high above the glass so that the wine falls through the air.  let it make a splash.  let it stain the earth around us.  let them know we came to drink; drink it all in.

the aroma of the juice fills the air if you are present to smell it.  the crimson sparkles in the light if you are there to see it.  And the taste of the wine is mighty fine should you drink it.  this is living, present to all the senses, present to the moment, living in the present, drunk on life.

i see, swirl, sip, and spit.  happily make a mess of it all.  popping another cork we do it all again.  another bottle summons more friends to the party.  tonight we drink wine for no other reason then to feel the intoxication of life.

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