Monday, March 18, 2013

be calm again - yoga

i came back to work and it looked like i was on vacation, i was a mess.  I needed to relax, again.

i'd been to serious was the story i heard.  no longer full time fun i was serious guy at the party.  try this wine i'd say in my head but out of my mouth spewed the boardom of vintage and date, not to mention the aroma of it all, it all just silly opition.  i'd stopped living the joy from the taste of life.  my story got in the way of flow, i lost my muse so i got sloppy.  I made the mistake of getting serious rather than finding balance.  it got edgy for a while the taste of it, life.  and friends helped me talk it out and calm down.  we skied.

at night we'd drink wine, sometimes beer maybe whiskey.  it didn't matter we were in MONTANA not utah, not vail, not in that state called wyoming.  we skied at big sky, i'll remember it as a sunny resort, it recharged my batteries, i returned with a glow.  i was unbeatable again but i didn't care to win, not today.  leave it a mess write a post call it work, clean the room maybe or just go to bed.  i need to relax  drink some wine.

i need yoga

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