Friday, August 30, 2013

all we are saying is Give PEACE a Chance

i agree something needs to be done.  sitting back and playing defense does not work in a post 9-11 world.  the bush doctrine, "i am the decider", set the tone.  it's an up tempo, in your face world.  hit first, get the attention of others by being unpredictable and outrageous.  force people to pay attention to you by not letting them know what craziness could happen next.  it keeps them off balance allowing you to always remain one step ahead.  it will take a new pearl harbor type of event, that has been the thinking of this new american century.  crazy force beads fear and mistrust.  hhmmm not the world i want to live in.

What has happened to get us here?  before more missiles are fired can we pause to think.

"a city on a hill", is that not how we see America.  is that not how we lead.  The secretary of war transformed to the Secretary of Defense because we don't believe in sounding like the aggressor.  what has happened to Our constitutional government, once it was the model that inspired new democracies to grow.  have we lost faith in ourselves to create good in the world rather than just fight trouble.  

i agree something needs to be done. sitting back and playing defense does not work.  we need to be bold and keep them off balance.  i say let's evolve this game once more.  let us rename the secretary of defense to the Secretary of Peace.  all the same tools remain, but in this post 911 world, actively creating peace is just a better use of resources.


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