Friday, May 04, 2007

Honor Amisfield Pinot Noir 2005

As I enjoyed a glass of Amisfield Pinot Noir I realized that rarely have I loved a Pinot ever since the “Sideways” factor. For the first time in a long time I realized I was enjoying a Pinot Noir worth the price. It was then that I asked, is there no honor left in the world? If the “new Halo maps” are an example, there doesn’t seem to be.

After having to pay a misers sum for the honor of downloading the new maps I soon realized I couldn’t play them in my normal mode. I don’t know what type of geek you are but for me it took a moment to figure out how to “experience” the new maps.

For now it appears the only way to play the new maps is on a solo mission, or as us samurai do, arrange to meet a foe on the field of combat. (My sources assure me next week that will change.) I’ve decided not to hold my breath, maybe someday I’ll be playing team slayer in Tombstone.

Beyond the lack of access, the design of Tombstone also had me questioning honor. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-dimensional landscaping that interweaves terrain, lines of fire and weapons placement, I was bothered by the presence of two shields. Among friends what is the honor in shields, much less two?

While that question haunts me, I did find happiness in the crown of the Tombstone Keep. Rather than a power weapon like the energy sword (though its high placement is predictable) or the rocket launcher (again predictable placement, yet slightly harder to find). The “Keep” was crowned with my favorite weapon, the pistol. When you’re stuck at the top of the world, what better to have at your side then a pistol? Me, I’d prefer a bottle if wine that taste great, looks good and drink above its price point. But this is Halo, and just like a bottle of wine, a pistol among friends is honorable.

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