Friday, July 20, 2007

Stop the Madness - Drink Wine

All the craziness in the world has me feeling caged. I want to escape but have found no where to go. These feelings of hopelessness have lead to many sleepless nights. Like many others I've worked through the night in an effort to find a solution. At wits end, I sat on my deck staring into the pre-dawn sky asking for answers. I waited,.. and waited… and waited some more….and then, it came to me. So I rushed down stairs to prepare for my voyage.

Thirty-eight years ago today man first set foot on the moon and we haven’t been back in decades. That means to me, the moon is the perfect place to escape any news of mankind’s madness. Grabbing my computer and a bottle of wine and had all the supplies I needed to prepare myself for this wondrous journey.

After quickly surfing the web, I found the means to propel my “self” on this voyage. Then I turned to my wine collection to prepare my mind for the task at hand. A glass or two of Valley of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 should be sufficient enough to limber my mind for such a grand undertaking. The balance of dark chocolate and boysenberry aromas contrasted by the hints of vanilla, toffee and cassis on the palate. The rich mouthfeel of Valley of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon drink well on its own or paired with a metaphysical journey.

With the moon now my sanctuary I hope to get back to a peaceful existence and full nights of sleep. The President however has talked of funding a new age of lunar exploration. But I’m confident; as long as the President is Bush I’ll be safe on the moon. Given all the other displays of futility by this moron, from Katrina, to Iraq to his pursuit of Bin Laden (Dead or Alive my @$$) I doubt I have to worry about any guest on the darkside of the moon.

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