Thursday, August 09, 2007

Need a drink – Enjoy Silver Oak

To be honest, I need a stiff drink. Luckily, I found some Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2003. So instead of just settling for a drink, I can calm my nerves with a quality glass of wine. To bad I’m not just opening a bottle of Silver Oak for the pure joy of the wine's elegant flavor. In all honesty, by cellaring the bottle, the more mature wine would bring me much more pleasure. However, the recent action of our President and congress make me fearful of the future of our nation. Thus enjoying my Silver Oak Cabernet now makes more sense. Besides, like I said, I need a drink.

It is hard to believe how much we will allow the Bush administration to destroy; our freedoms, our liberty and our very Constitution. It is appalling how quiet the media is regarding the fears that many of us patriots share. In the sea of newspapers I’ve found one published article that reflects my concerns. I urge you to read it and pass it along.

No more I say. This must stop now, I echo. The cry of the people must rise again and shout, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” Who knows, after a couple more glasses of wine and you might find me out there on the streets shouting. But for now, I need a drink to calm down. The only thing left to do is enjoy Silver Oak wine.

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