Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surge Yourself George Bush Jr.

...and give me another drink while you're at it.
Don't insult my intellegence with lies or threaten me with terror, you have no credibility left. Don't hide behind General Petraeus. I can't get drunk enough to believe you anymore Mr. Bush. You have our troops lock-up in Iraq. While they fight and die for us, you use their sacrifice for political gain. (What happened to Pat Tillman?) And when they finally get out of Iraq, seemingly in the only way they can, in a coffin, you still are yet to meet with them and bare witness to the mess you have created.

How dare you make a photo-op of "Mission Accomplished" and then continue to order troops to the front line which is still so dangerous that you wouldn't dare send your own daughters to the area. Not to mention how on your own visits you sneak in and out like a theft, coward.

Now you call for America and the world to believe in "Return to Success", HA! F@$% you for even trying. By your own definition this new strategy as you put it allows our troops to return home according to the success we achieve. Again you trap them in a quagmire of your creating. Doomed to a mission with continued futility, means you doom our troops to continue to temped fate in Iraq. How much blood will it take? This coming from a boy who hide from his own call to duty, you Mr. Bush sure are willing to force others to serve.

Stuck in the Big House know as Iraq, I more then support our troops, I pray for them. Please Lord, smight this madman so we might bring our troops home.

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