Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tamarack Cellars - Wines Up to the Challenge

On a long road trip, lost, hungry and craving a great burger, I stumble upon my Shangri-La...
As summer drew to a close, I found myself on the road in search of adventure but found myself in wine country. I couldn't complain, having just left the Hanford Nuclear site (I was looking for WMDs) my journey brought me to the quaint Washington town so very nice they named it twice, Walla Walla. Located in the heart of the United States best grape growing region (even people in Napa have to agree) Walla Walla is the prefect destination of a weary traveler. Plenty of wine, food and logging.

Upon arriving all I wanted was food, preferably a cheese burger. After asking around consensus was,(it only took a couple people) "the place" to get a burger in Walla Walla was the Ice Burg. Which, from the look of things, was true. The parking lot of this old-time drive-in was packed. Luckily I had prepared myself to wait because it was worth it. Good burgers, great shakes, definitely a place to visit again. But what makes the story better is where my journey took me next.

Chatting with the locals as I wolfed down some burgers I learned the owners of the Ice Burg know more than just how to flip burgers. A like-minded soul in the parking lot poured me a glass of Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2005 and shared the story. As I drank in the wine's nose, beautiful and borders on exotic, my parking lot companion began explained the history of wine making in Walla Walla. There was a time when a handful of people made wine in the region. It turns out that the wine is was now enjoying was one. After taking a sip of the beautiful blend which offers ripe, sweet fruit, complex flavors, and a stylish elegance, that statement was easy to believe. Only a person intimate with the region could make such a fabulous wine. I spilled a bit of wine in surprised disbelief as the story went on. As the dark ruby colored stain set, my companion revealed that the owner of the "Burg" and the vintner responsible for the Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2005 are the same.

This I thought was my Heaven on earth. Where my passions collide and I'm allowed to wallow in the resulting pleasure. I love wine and enjoy the comfort of a great good burger. My trip couldn't have been planned any better. Nothing is more entertaining than hunting for adventure and finding it with a burger, some wine and served over interesting conversation. Needless to say, if I was hosting a cheese burger challenge, Tamarack Cellars wines would be up to the challenge. You never know where life will take you, just hope along the way you discover superior wine. Thanks Tamarack Cellars.

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