Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Two - Four Eh!

Belated of course, since we are now twenty-six years removed from Strange Brew, but for me the Two Four celebration just began.

After the conclusion of this evenings "Sixty Minutes", I discovered wine still in my glass. In an effort to entertain my now limber brain I began surfing channels, with little luck...

The NBA playoffs were on but the Super Sonics becoming the Thunder was the last straw, no more NBA for me. Sunday night baseball couldn't hold my attention so I passed. The Devil Wears Prada may have been the only movie of interest I could find but I had already seen it. For a time the "Fantasy Factory" held my attention but quickly the commercials brought an end to that. Once I resumed my search it seemed all I could find were shows about the illuminati, I guess I should see Tom Hanks new movie. Clearly the current state of television did not mesh with my current state of mind.

But in that realization I discovered a new option. A different way of thinking was needed. Off to the CBC for my answer, to which Canada replied with a rerun of the Two Four Tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie. I was sucked in. Tom Hanks can wait, I hear the call of a different movie...Ka-roo-koo-koo-a-koo-koo-koo!

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