Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tip of the Glass - Thanks Vets

I walked to the store tonight and bought a bottle of wine, simply because I could.  

I sat on my deck and enjoyed that wine, happy to be relaxing at home.  When two thirds of the bottle was gone I picked it up and poured the rest out.   I watched the red juice first puddle, then spread across the deck.  

I didn't pour the wine out because it was bad, but rather because for the price it was pretty darn good.  In fact, I poured the rest out because I realized how lucky I am to be at home, able to enjoy a nice glass of wine simply because I was free to do so. 

Across the many generations of this great nation, people of all classes, races, sexes and sexual orientation have sacrificed.  The least I could do was pour out a little wine out in their honor.  Happy Veterans Day.

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