Monday, January 11, 2010

Can't Avoid the Truth - Starbucks Sucks.

What the hell was I thinking, trying to return to a relationship I knew was a bad idea?  As the old saying goes, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  When I decided to walk into that Starbucks I should have heard that faint scream inside my head, shame on me.

Prior to a meeting, I found myself in an unfamiliar part of the city, in need of web access.  The closest and most recognizable establishment happened to be an old nemesis, Starbucks.  Years ago I began a personal boycott of that company because the founder and CEO is such an ass.  Along the way other moves by the corporation reinforced my belief that I had made the right move, Starbucks sucks.

Still, even knowing this to be true, I’m amazed by the amount of people that still use their service.  The majority of these “sheepeople” list convenience as their top reason for continuing to shop at the overrated coffee house.  “Can I get you anything?” my friends would ask as they attempted to pull me in. 

“No thanks”, my standard reply.  Still, I could tell the constant barrage of friendly offers was eating away at my distain for the company.  How can you continue to hate something that, no matter how despicable it is, everyone else around you seems to love?

So in a moment of weakness, I stepped out of the rain and into a Starbucks.  I came for a cup of warm tea and web access but not surprisingly I left disappointed.  It wasn’t the scalding hot water that destroyed the tea I ordered.  Nor was it the fact that I couldn’t even bring the tea to my lips without feeling the burn.  It also wasn’t the fact that the only way I could use their “free web access” was to purchase a Starbucks card what disappointed me.  It wasn’t even the sterile corporate attempt to make a cozy space that disappointed me.  I knew to expect all of these shortcomings, because I already know the undeniable truth, Starbucks sucks! 

What disappointed me (and also made me feel a little dirty) was that fact that I succumb to the supposed convenience of a suckie Starbucks service.  I was thinking like the very sheepeople I generally mock. 

My meeting now over, I parked myself in a more familiar spot with a more familiar beverage.  A glass of Sineann Pinot Noir Oregon 2008 helped wash away the earlier sins of the day.  Every sip reminds me what true commitment to quality can produce.  It may not be the most convenient wine to find (though I do know any easy way to order some) it is worth the hunt.  The wine is dark, aromatic and has great natural acidity, with a long, long finish - a good sign for the future of the wine.  In a world of suckie standards, it refreshing to experience a quality wine.

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